The Good and Bad of Staying Friends with Exes

The Good and Bad of Staying Friends with Exes

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Any relationship can end in two ways – you either marry or break up. Everything is clear with marriage. But what about a breakup? Couples often try to stay friends, but it doesn’t work out in 63% of cases. They think that relationships between ex-lovers can’t be called friendly. But still, what are the pros and cons of being friends with your exes?

The pros:
1. You understand each other. When dating a Russian girl (or any other one) for a long time, a special bond and mutual understanding is born, which sometimes you don’t want to break. If an ex-girlfriend understands you perfectly, it makes sense to try to stay friends.

2. You support each other. If she easily finds the right words in difficult times, it is necessary to stay close to her so that she supports you when needed. But it is important to answer the girl in the same way, which means that you will have to listen to her stories about new love. Not every guy is ready for this.

3. Your ex can be helpful to you. Yes, this is cynical, but why lose important people who can help you with something? Sometimes maintaining a good relationship is much more beneficial than slamming the door.

4. You have mutual friends. They suffer the most when couples break up. After all, this often means that friends will be forced to choose whose side they are on. If your friends are dear to you, and the breakup goes smoothly and painlessly, then you can stay friends for the sake of the environment.

5. You may become best friends. Have you forgotten the reasons why you were together? Friendship is very valuable these days because it is difficult to find someone with whom you have a lot in common or with whom you complement each other. Despite the breakup and doubts in a relationship, it’s best to continue to rely on each other.

6. You can spend time together. Imagine meeting in the gym or pool, tennis court, or pottery classes – whatever the situation, the important thing is that you continue doing some of your favorite activities. Does the fact that you are not a couple anymore mean that you should stop doing your favorite hobby? No, of course, not! Maintaining a friendly relationship will make it easier for both of you.

7. You can share pleasant memories. If you broke up without ruining your interpersonal relationship, sharing old memories is a lot of fun. But in this case, you certainly run the risk of realizing that the breakup was a mistake and you can start dating again. So, think soberly and don’t make hasty decisions if you don’t want to be together as a couple anymore.

1. Both of you will not be able to go beyond your emotions and perceptions of each other. Changes in a person will always be amazing for you, and you will not be able to accept them. Like, “She didn’t want to marry me for three years, but she married a new boyfriend in two weeks. That’s a surprise.”

2. You will be jealous of their new partners. All new girls and guys are jealous of exes, which can greatly affect new relationships. In this situation, it is worthwhile to personally estimate what is more dear to you – calmness in current relationships or harmony in old ones. Ultimately, true friends should be able to understand and let go.

3. You will not want to start new relationships. Due to the presence of an ex-partner in your life, you may subconsciously avoid meeting other women. This happens if your feelings haven’t died out, but the ex doesn’t agree to get back together.

4. You start digging into yourself. By thinking about what a good person your ex is, you condemn yourself to the constant analysis of past relationships. Self-digging can be a cause of suffering.