The Gaming Fusions We’re Loving Right Now

The Gaming Fusions We’re Loving Right Now

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Are you tired of the same old games following the same tired formats? Well, you’re in luck as over the last few years there’s been a significant rise in games which merge two formats or styles into one, creating a truly unique playing experience.

They’re incredibly simple most of the time and the transition to one format for most is seamless. We’re big fans of the merged gaming format here and below you’ll find some of our favourite gaming fusions around right now…

Bingo Scratch cards

We’re going to start in the world of bingo, an industry which has really taken off online over the last few years and it’s in part down to the originality when creating brand new variants.

Bingo scratch cards, as you can probably guess, is a merger between bingo and scratch cards, and adds an extra dimension to solo bingo playing. The aim of the game is to virtually scratch off your scratch card and match the numbers that have been drawn by the bingo machine. Bingo scratch card is another exciting game among a host of new bingo fusions and we expect this one to be incredibly popular throughout 2021. It’s fast play, full of thrills and a truly unique concept.

Idle Royale

Idle Royale combines the Battle Royale format which is taking the world by storm with puzzle games, bringing together two familiar genres of game into a wonderful new one.

It’s available for download to your smartphone and the aim of the game is to forge two identical weapons to form a lethal new one and take on the world. To do that, players must solve puzzles and collect weapons to build the largest inventory possible. It’s a combination that works well and is ideal for gaming on the go.

Robin Hood Legends

Robin Hood Legends sees you take control of a female Robin Hood who must navigate her way through Sherwood Forest in an adventure puzzle game that’s popular with all the family.

The aim is to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and save all the townspeople. You make progress by solving puzzles and collecting items in hundreds of levels that can keep you playing for months on end. If you’re a lover of English folklore, then it’s certainly one to download and is one of the finest adventure puzzle fusions in the app stores today.

Roulette Bingo

Back to bingo and the industry that just keeps on giving. As well as bingo scratch cards and the ever popular slingo bingo, roulette bingo is another format which is really making a name for itself.

The roulette and bingo fusion works perfectly together with the aim to mark off five numbers on a bingo card by spinning the roulette wheel. The number the ball lands on is the number that needs marking off and it’s a clever alternative to the more traditional form of bingo without being overly complex. It’s a game that isn’t available at all bingo sites currently, but we anticipate it’s only a matter of time.