The Favourite Mobile Gaming Genres

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Some may consider it as more of a new kid on the block as it has only really been in the last five or so years since it has become a mainstream thing, but mobile gaming now accounts for over 50% of all gaming revenue as the audience and demographic continues to grow and change. It’s expected that this will continue as mobile gaming growth is expected year on year, but what are the favourite and most played genres within mobile gaming?

Arcade Games

Think of your Angry Birds and Temple Run, mobile devices are perfectly primed to have more arcade styled games rise to the top and stay popular. This is largely due to the nature of how the games are played – players are able to hop into the game, play for a few minutes at a time and hop back out again – progress isn’t lost or hindered, and those no big deficit to playing as little, or no big gain to playing as much, as each individual user would like.

Puzzle Games

Much in a similar way to arcade games, puzzle games are perfectly suited to a more casual playstyle and the reason why they’re growing – many puzzle games are also integrating newer technologies as Augmented Reality has started to grow within mobile games, it’s finding its way into these puzzle games by integrating your real life surroundings into part of the game.

Mobile Casinos

Due to the changing demographic of players taking part in mobile gaming, largely an older audience with a disposable income, we’ve seen a large growth in mobile casinos and betting sites. The spread of the coronavirus has also led to a huge surge in traffic within this market, whilst some of the favourites in the genre can be found here, the list of those available is growing day by day as they’re cheap to make and can generate a lot of revenue.

Battle Royale

Much in line with the growing popularity on both PC’s and consoles, battle royale games are starting to find a strong footing on mobile devices. There are the two big titles of Fortnite and PUBG that may be extremely familiar, but the genre as a whole is still growing with newer game releases each year – as devices continue to get better too, the ability to play better games and battle royale titles may be at the heart of this.

There are of course some honourable mentions – namely in markets such as MOBA and card games – as mentioned the popularity here largely depends on whether or not these games can casual to the hyper-casual audience that populate these games – over the next few years, there may be a shift in how the genres rank amongst each other as an older audience continues to be more involved in mobile gaming and the younger audience stick to console and PC, but it is clear that mobile gaming is certainly the future of gaming for many and we can expect to see major developments continue within the market to push the games that can be played.