The Dark Side of the Forest

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Always there are certain places that present a great danger for the mountain climbers. We are not talking about simple elevations that are sharper than the regular ones and are hard for conquering for regular people, but for places that are considered as blind spots because many climbers have lost their lives there or they were never found again. Some of those places are simply unreachable while others are more like mysterious places and no one could figure out why are they so dangerous. One of those places is the mountain Corten which is considered as one of the most dangerous mountains in the country. This mountain is famous for its dark side where numerous mountain climbers have lost their lives, losing themselves in the dense forest.

If you have never been in a place like this, nether experiences this kind of a situation, this game would be a real challenge for you, we could be sure about that. You will play in a role of an assistant of one lost mountain climber. He is somewhere in the woods and he is desperately looking for some help in order to get out from the dense forest. Every help is welcomed and also we have other more experienced mountain climbers available that are willing to discover where the lost climber is.

Be prepared to finish one complicated and responsible task and know that the mountain climber will be really helpful if you and your team manage to find him and help him escape from the whole situation.

The Dark Side of the Forest