The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores Guide – FAQs, Tips and Strategies

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores Guide – FAQs, Tips and Strategies

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*The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores Guide may contain spoilers, please proceed with caution
Last updated: 31-July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are my villagers getting stuck?

People may get stuck in buildings from time to time but a way to fix this bug is to re-assign the person who got stuck, reload your last save or destroy the building.

2. Why are my villagers not eating?

If your people are not eating make sure that you do have enough food for everybody and that the people are not working too far away from a hunter lodge since it may take time for them to get there and by the time they get close to it they may have to go back to sleep. If people are getting to the hunter lodge, you have enough food and they are not eating than try to rebuild the hunter lodge.

3. Why are my guards running to the forest?

Guards run to the forest because they are scared. In order to fix this issue guards will need to have the brave skill in order to attack the enemy the moment the see it. But beware, they will fight the monsters to death.

4. Why aren’t my villagers’s health regenerating?

Villagers regenerate every time they eat food so if you don’t have any they will remain low health until they eat (and sleep).

5. What should I do to beat the final waves?

In order to beat they final wave, I’d recommend to have the max amount of guards with flaming swords and solar armor.

6. What is the perceptive skill good for?

The perceptive skill will only be useful after the dungeon update is available. At this time, it is, unfortunately, useless.

7. Can I go to the islands in the fog?

No, a new content update in the near future will let you do that, however.

8. What are sunstones good for?

You need sunstones in order to beat the game. You need them to summon the Titan. In order to get sunstones you need to travel to all 3 available islands and trade with them.

9. Why do my tower guards die so quickly and why don’t guards come quickly to kill the monsters?

The guards move randomly and take time to reach a place of attack. You can build roads in order to make the guards respond quicker. As for the tower guards, it is advised to have 2 tower guards close together as 1 tower guard is weak and can be easily destroyed.

10. What can I do for my villagers to always succeed training?

In order for your villagers to succeed in training, they need to have a higher attribute points. For the gym they need strength, archery they need agility and temple they need intelligence. A more easy way of making them succeed is to save right before the results of the training come. If they fail reload that save until they succeed. (I recommend turning off autosave for that).

Strength: 7+, Better chances of passing of gym in order to equip with a shield
Agility: 7+, Better chances of passing the Archer camp in order to equip with a bow
Intelligence: 7+, Better chances of passing ancient temple in order to become an alchemist.

11. I can’t seem to build roads. How do I do it?

  1. Choose Tap on “Build” button
  2. On the Build menu, tap on “Road”
  3. Draw the road that you want to build on the island
  4. Tap on “Place Building” button in the middle
  5. Wait for your free builders/workers to build the road.

12. Do you have to kill everything in the dungeons before collecting/finding items?

The key can be obtained by killing the boss of the dungeon, after the key the treasure can be obtained.

13. How much damage each weapon in the game does?

  • Spear: 10
  • Pickaxe: 15
  • Axe: 20
  • Sickle: 20
  • Steel sword: 30
  • Bow and arrow: 10
  • Fire sword: 50
  • Hammer: 20
  • Solar Spear: 30

This is reduced from armour value before affecting HP. For example, if armour is 3, HP is 100, damage with a spear will be 10-3 = 7 hp damage

14. How do you add food to the ship who just came back from an expedition?

If a trade route has been established the worker and the ship sent will be consumed. If the ship is made to return back to player island then it goes to the shipyard and any remaining food will also be added to player inventory. The player can send a new expedition and then select the ship and add food.

15. How can you restart a game?

To reset the game, you can delete the saved files from the save slots, It is the only way.

16. Why did my ship’s crew disappear after I sent it to Northern Village? I’ve started the trade route but the crew didn’t come back

When the trade route is started the ship gets used up for the trade route and the crew is also used for the trade route.

Strategy Guides

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The Bonfire II: Uncharted Shores (ver. 57.0.8) is in early access, is in early access, so naturally it can be unbalanced, poorly optimized, and many systems are still in development. In terms of content, right now it is really just an expanded 2-D version of The Bonfire I: Forsaken Lands, and the game ends suddenly with a massive final battle that assumes you are at end-game level. While we wait for developers to fix, refine, and extend the game (though hopefully not as a free-to-play game hobbled by microtransactions), here are tips to cope with the occasional bugs, progress quickly, and enjoy the grind:

1. Build bridges to both islands as soon as possible.

This does not increase the number of enemies, and it gives you access to as many buildings as possible. If the building you want is unavailable, you need to build others first. Note that the Altar of Titan is also called the Solar Forge in the build menu.

2. Losing villagers is a waste of resources:

  1. Keep workers alive by building their huts next to hunting lodges, and hunting lodges next to production buildings. Upgrade huts as soon as possible.
  2. Towers make guards sitting ducks. Keep tower guards alive by building all 6 towers next to each other in a 3-by-2 block on the center island. Building the towers next to the bonfire will help keep homeless villagers from being killed.
  3. Keep guards alive by recruiting all 12 guards as soon as possible; they hunt mostly in a pack. Try not to micromanage guards by pulling them off duty to build. Instead, make new builders by temporarily taking them from non-food production buildings.

3. Guards are very vulnerable at lower levels, and guards gain very little experience from fighting.

They are most efficiently trained by production buildings. Here are some good buildings for grinding guard levels:

  1. Loggers Camps: right now, wood is harvested extremely quickly, and villagers get a lot of experience from chopping trees, and it is easy to delete the wood in each camp when it is full so villagers stay busy. There are 6 loggers camps, so a total of 12 villagers can train at once.
  2. Trading Dock: you can assign a villager here, but not send them out to sea. The villager still gains experience quickly while waiting.
  3. Iron Mine, Clay Pit, and Coal Mine: early on you need a lot of materials, and each mine staffs 2 villagers. They provide a lot of experience, although not as quickly as Loggers Camps or the Trading Dock.

4. Top-tier weapons and armor (solar/flame) help the guard stay alive long enough to build up an end-game force.

Building is relatively fast, so leveling and armor are the real bottleneck. Here are tips to streamline the path to the best gear:

  1. Build and staff all three Brewerys, the Shipyard, and the Trading Dock as soon as possible and trade for meteor shards aggressively. They are eventually used to make flaming/solar weapons and armor, and you will need hundreds of them.
  2. Currently there is an exploit (Android, maybe others) which allows you to start many trades simultaneously if you pause the game first.
  3. Build your Shipyard and Trading Dock as soon as possible, and send your first ship to Agatha. This will tell you how good/bad your trade deal will be for meteor shards. Unlike Bonfire I, you currently have to completely restart the game to reset the trade deals. A deal for 2 meteor shards in exchange for 6 wine is pretty good, while 1 meteor shard for 7 wine is bad. You can still finish the game as it currently stands, but it will take a few weeks longer because of how expensive solar/flame gear is.

5. Train new villagers for the right job from the start based on their traits.

Everyone probably has different preferences, but here is one that helps guards stay alive and maintains a good worker/guard ratio.

  1. Worker traits: Artisan, Beast of Burden, HardWorking, Honest
  2. Guard traits:
    1. General: Brute, Critical Strike, Perceptive, Heroic, Brave (Although, Brave can be considered a bad trait for the current AI. If a guard runs, they may live to fight another day and let another guard share some damage.)
    2. Good for melee specialty: QuickFooted
    3. Good for ranged specialty: Precision, Crippling Blow
  3. Once a guard reaches Level 6, they have an excellent of not being crippled by training at the Gymnasium (melee) or Archery Range (ranged). They will gain an extra level and the ability to use a shield (Shield-bearer skill) or bow and arrow (Bowman skill). Don’t train them before Level 6 or there is a chance they will be crippled.
  4. Upgrade guards with the Shield-bearer skill as soon as possible, and upgrade tower guards with the Bowman skill as soon as possible.
  5. For the end game, I do not know whether the Solar Spear or the Bow and Arrow is more powerful and has better range for a tower guard with the Bowman skill.

6. Do not build the Solar Forge until you are ready to try the final battle.

This is a switch to start the final battle, and as of now there is an annoying bug (Android, maybe others) which forces the end-game music to play constantly in place of the regular music until you fight and win the final battle. Since the regular game music is quite good, it is a shame to disrupt it needlessly.