The Best Way to Set Up a Gaming Room

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Having a gaming room is a dream held dear by many homeowners today. You need a place where you can retreat to and enjoy the best that modern gaming has to offer. But actually rolling up your sleeves and doing it is not an easy task. Some bemoan space, for some, it’s the time to do it, while for others it is just lack of motivation. But either way, the result is always the same. The lounge ends up being a family room/ games room.

If you have recognised hints of your life from what you have just read, you are in luck. This article is your step by step guide into reclaiming your home. We will take you through some considerations you need to make when setting up your game room. When you are through, you should have an actionable plan of how to get started.

The Games

If you are still reading this chances are you already have an idea of some of the games you need. The games are very important in that they determine a lot of aspects of your room. For example, if you’re a table tennis enthusiast, there’s no way you’d need the same space as a PES2020 fan.

It is always a good idea to include games that everyone enjoys. When company comes over you need to have something that everyone can play. So you need to give careful thought to your gaming options. Our suggestion is, do not make everything about the games. A big-screen TV on the wall can be fantastic even for some who might not be into games.

It’s not a bad idea to set up a computer desk for your PC either, as PC gaming is just as popular as video gaming. Nowadays, many people also enjoy the excitement of casino games, and in particular online slots. You can keep up with new slots releases from leading software providers at Having a dedicated gaming room is great for casino gaming, as it allows you to get fully immersed in the games, without having to worry about being interrupted by family members or housemates.

The Space Required

A gaming room is a place to chill and have fun. You need ample space so everyone can enjoy it. So you might want to reconsider putting it in the small spare bedroom and opt for the garage. If kids are going to be involved you know there is going to be a lot of running around. One thing you need to always be aware of is that game rooms are never enjoyed alone. The best times are always when some friends come over and enjoy themselves with you. So you need to put this into account also and have some extra open space for your mates.

High Traffic Area Consideration

If you are like us you plan to spend a good deal of your free time in the game room. You also plan to have friends over so you can enjoy it with them. Either way, this shows that your game room will be a high traffic area.

Think carefully about your flooring in such areas. If it is in the garage, then maybe the floor you already have will sustain the wear and tear. But if your gaming room is an inside room, then you might want to rethink laying carpets. The walls are also an important element of your gaming room. This is a high spill, high dirt area. So we suggest the more industrial you go, the better.


Even though the focal point is the games, there are some practical elements you need to include. Picture a scenario where you are enjoying a great game of pool. Then when you’re just about to send the black ball into the far right pocket, your opponent wants a drink. So they stop you and head over to the kitchen. The point might seem exaggerated but it serves to prove a point. A fridge and snack bar are a must-have in a modern gaming room. Not only is it good for players, but you will also have fewer people moving up and down your house.


We know it is a less glamorous subject to talk about but it is a practical one. These are some of the things that often go unchecked and end up affecting your gaming adversely. Ablution facilities are a crucial consideration whenever people meet. So there is no better time than the present, when you are planning your gaming room, to consider them. You need to ensure that the bathroom is close enough to the gaming room to guarantee easy access.


Now that we’ve considered the bones of your game room, how do you lay it out so everyone can enjoy it? Interior designers will tell you that a room needs a focal point and we agree. You need to think of your game room as a meeting place. People come together to have fun. So you need to lay it out in a manner that promotes maximum interaction. A pool table is a fantastic centrepiece which can bring people together. This is just an example, you can use any game that has a large playing surface; even a big screen TV.

Your furniture options will also need consideration. By now you know the best pieces to go for are those that can stand high traffic. You also need to go for bar stools which players can sit on to watch from a better vantage point. If you are playing video games, you need a comfortable couch or even a few bean bags.

Make it for everyone

A gaming room is a communal place. The best way to get the most out of it is to link it with other activities in your home. So we would advise putting your gaming room just off the barbeque nook or somewhere close to the pool. The best gaming rooms are not the ones with the most games. But they are the ones which offer the most memorable experiences. Everyone should be able to come and leave after having a great time. You will appreciate it more that way, even when it’s only you and your family.