The Best Strategy Games On PC

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Since the dawn of PC gaming, strategy has had us immersed in maps, army lists, and build orders.

And it’s one of the most diversified, with everything from diehard grognards to individuals who just want to watch Gandhi nuke Montezuma catered to.

From competitive RTS games to fast-paced shooting—you’ll find everything on this list.

We have a history if you want it. Sci-fi?

Yes, there are a couple of them.

Also, fantasy.

In the event of the series having numerous installments, we’ve chosen the greatest game to play right now. You can download them from RarBG right here.

If we think they’re distinct enough that you’d benefit from playing both, we may showcase more than one entry from the same series.

1: Total War: Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer 3, the third installment in Creative Assembly’s Warhammer trilogy, is the most experimental game.

It allows players to leave the conventional Total War sandbox to travel through the Realm of Chaos, where the Chaos gods’ domains exist, culminating in massive survival battles with fortifications.

It’s a strong campaign, albeit the story components and Realm of Chaos excursions make it a little more linear than others.

The list of factions, though, is the real threat.

The Chaos factions, especially the Daemons of Chaos, are a monstrous joy, allowing you to recruit soldiers from every daemonic group.

2: Crusader Kings 3

Unsurprisingly, Crusader Kings 3, the finest strategy game of 2020, has surpassed its predecessor on the list.

It’s a massive grand strategy RPG that’s more polished and unified than the classic CK2.

It is also a lot simpler to look at.

It may appear familiar at first appearance, but an increased focus on roleplaying and replicating the lifestyles of medieval lords, as well as a slew of new and revised features, make it well worth upgrading to the newest version.

Even in its basic version, CK3 is a never-ending storyteller supported by many complicated systems that beg to be fiddled with and changed.

3: Europa Universalis 4

This is the penultimate game in the strategy category that puts you in command of a Middle Age Country during the 1800s. It is a long-running strategy game.

You set its political policy, meddle with its economy, command its troops, and build an empire as its leader.

Europa Universalis 4 allows you to start influencing history right now.

Perhaps England defeated France in the Hundred Year’s War and established a vast continental empire.

Or, maybe Iroquois will vanquish European settlers, create ships, and attack the Old World. It’s massive, intricate, and has only continued to expand over the years.

4: Old World

Few 4X games attempt to compete with Civilization, but Old World had an advantage owing to designer Soren Johnson’s past experience with the franchise.

He was the principal designer of Civilization 4, and his influence is palpable.

Old World is more than just another Civilization game.

For one thing, rather than covering the arc of human history, it is set entirely in antiquity, which allows it to focus on people rather than empires.

Instead of playing an eternal king, you take on the role of a real-life ruler who marries, has children, and finally dies.

You have to care about courtiers, spouses, children, and competitors, and this investigation of the human aspect of empire-building comes with a slew of surprises.

5: Civilization

If we didn’t mention Civilization, the list of the best strategy games of PC would not be complete.

Right now, Civilization 6 is our favorite, especially now that it’s had a couple of expansions.

The district system unstacks cities in the same way that its predecessor sorted the armies are the most significant modification this time around.

Cities have become these huge entities full of specialized sections that push you to consider the future while designing tiles.

The expansions offered some new twists that were pleasant, but they didn’t completely transform the venerable franchise.

They introduce the notion of the Golden and Dark Ages, with perks and penalties based on your civilization’s progress over time.

Putting It All Together

Here they are—the best strategy games of all time that you can play on your PC.

Once you look at these games, you’ll see how good their narrative is and how strategic you have to be the best.

So, if you want further details on these strategy games, you can let us know in the comment box below. We can get back to you with a reply in no time.