The Best Strategies To Mastering Online Bingo

The Best Strategies To Mastering Online Bingo

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Despite having started around the 15th century, in Italy, bingo has become a gaming staple for British and international players. Like tea, it’s also one of the most popular games in the UK due to its highly social nature. The game is incredibly fun and has been proven by scientists to boost your memory and improve your brain function. Besides helping older people stay mentally fit, the game also presents them with the opportunity to go out and socialise. The younger generation prefers to play online while they work and interact with their peers. While opportunities of bagging a win exist, these aren’t set in stone. With a few simple bingo strategies in place, you can significantly increase your chances of winning while still enjoying the call of the ball. In this guide, we touch on some of the easiest ones to implement.

Choose a Reputable Bingo Site

Just by choosing a reputable Bingo site, you slightly bend the odds in your favour. You also secure better chances of receiving your payout if you win. But what do we mean by reputable Bingo site? For a start, you can go for one that’s licensed and regulated by the UKGC. Certifications by independent auditors like eCOGRA also tell you that the games you’re playing are fair and random. You want to make sure that the payment system, customer supports, and everything else is above board.

Claim the Right Bingo Bonuses

We can’t overemphasise how much bingo bonuses can help you learn the ropes of the game without burning a hole in your pocket. As online bingo rises in popularity, new online sites are being established—all with innovative ways of attracting new customers. If you are an absolute beginner, the best place to start is to look for a platform that offers no deposit bingo at You can practice without risking huge losses, and develop your strategy calmly, then start playing in any casino or bingo hall. You can also learn how to identify the best bonuses and avoid unfavourable terms and conditions.

Other Bingo Winning Strategies

Bingo numbers are drawn randomly, so there’s very little you can do to win every time. However, as we mentioned before, winning at online bingo is not all luck. Here are a few things that you can do to get lucky a few more times than the average player.

Play Against Fewer Players

Bingo is a simple game, so the best strategies to master the game are just as simple. With slot games, the more players are playing, the more each one stands to win. When it comes to bingo, the opposite is true. If you’re playing against fewer opponents, your chances of being declared a winner improve significantly. Try playing during the week or at odd hours, such as early in the morning or late at night.

Buy Extra Bingo Cards

Another simple bingo strategy is to buy more cards than you’d usually do. That’s because, if you have more cards, you have more chances of having the winning one. If the first few numbers that are called aren’t on one card, then they may be on another one. Also, if you have more cards, you’ll have better chances of completing a pattern on one of them.

Socialise With Other Players

Apart from the excitement of the potential monetary gain, another great thing about playing bingo is that you can chat with other players in the room. Use that opportunity to find out what’s for grabs. Different bingo rooms offer prizes on the lines you’ve completed and other house prizes. Socialising with other players is a simple and effective way to learn how you can win some of these prizes. If you’re not feeling too chatty, you can just keep an eye on what other players are saying.

Granville’s and Tippet Bingo Strategies

Prolific bingo players use strategies such as Tippett and Granville’s to improve their winning chances. Granville’s strategy encourages players to pick cards that have an equal number of larger and smaller numbers, odd and even numbers, and ones that end with 1-9. The less followed, but equally effective Tippett strategy encourages picking cards with numbers close to 1 and 75 for short 75-ball bingo games. For longer games, you should pick cards with numbers that are closer to 38.

Have Fun!

As we mentioned before, playing bingo exercises your mind and connects you to like-minded players. So, while you play, don’t get too carried away with the financial side of things and forget to have fun. Let the losses slide—don’t fall for the vicious cycle of chasing losses with one extra round after another.