The best money making apps for android

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The best money making apps for android

In this article we will talk about how to make money from your Android phone. Nowadays, almost everyone has an Android smartphone and tablet, and you have to pay for it all the time. But not many owners of their devices know that they can not only avoid the cost of communication services, but also earn a little money. You can always earn with

Ways of earning on Android

Currently, there are three ways to earn money on Android, and they are with special apps:

  • Downloading games and apps is the most popular and profitable way to earn money. Downloading is done through Google Play, so there is no risk. For each installation, the advertiser will give you a certain amount of money, which you can transfer to your mobile account, web money, Kiwi, etc. Sometimes the instructions will ask you to rate the game or write a review, but the payment for that is higher.
  • Watch ads – less popular way of earning, but stable and with daily income. Earning is basically seeing ads on your Android device and paying per view.
  • Fulfilling tasks – easy earnings without investments, available for users of any device. These include: browsing websites, joining groups on social networks, entering captchas, watching videos on YouTube, etc.

How much money you can earn

The question “How much money can I make?” is the first thing that crosses everyone’s mind. – Is “How much can I earn with Android?”. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a specific amount, because everything here is individual and depends on how much you want to earn. In other words, the more effort you put in, the more you can earn. Don’t forget that almost all earning programs offer a referral program, through which you can invite other people to the system and receive at least 10% of their earnings.

The referral program is a system of rewarding project users who invite new users. In this case, the invited person does not lose anything, but receives a one-time bonus of a few rubles on their balance.

Axie Infinity

Number one on this list is surprisingly Axie Infinity! Axie Infinity is a really fun NFT collecting game on the Ethereum platform where users battle each other and breed new virtual Axie creatures.

To start playing, you need to download the game, register, and buy three Axies (which is the minimum number of team members). Each Axie is a unique, non-exchangeable NFT token. You can raise your Axie, trade with it, form teams with it and fight against other players.

In Axie Infinity there is not only the possibility to earn money by selling your virtual pets. When you play, you will receive SLP and AXS tokens for every win.

SLP is a cryptocurrency that lets you convert your existing Axie and create a baby Axie to sell later. Alternatively, you can easily sell your SLPs or exchange them for another cryptocurrency. SLP and AXS tokens can be sold on the exchange, sent to the stack or used to vote on the game’s development.

It’s worth noting that Axie Infinity is more about investing than traditional blockchain games. It combines elements of pay-to-win (pay to win) and play-to-earn mechanics. The result is something like pay-to-win-to-earn.

So, to play Axie Infinity, an initial investment is required, and then everything depends on the player’s effort and skills. The game will appeal to all fans of collectible battle games, that is, battles, as well as fans of card games.

At the moment, you can earn about $5 per hour with Axie Infinity, but believe me, this figure can increase significantly if the SLP of the coin grows accordingly. However, as I mentioned earlier, you will need to buy a team of Axie pets to participate in the game.

City Star

The second game on today’s list is a completely free game, but if you want to be especially competitive among the best, some of the NFT games in it will be quite useful.

Not all people will like the fact that players can make themselves much more efficient by investing financially in this game, but some NFT games will work according to such mechanisms.

On the other hand, you can always sell your NFT items if you don’t like the game anymore. Sometimes even at a profit, especially if you own exclusive NFT items and the popularity of the game and the number of players grows.

Game mechanics: A competitive simulator where everyone develops their own farm. The competition cycle is 1 week, after which the winners are chosen. The winners are awarded with GALA coins. It is also possible to mine BOXcoins, but this requires a significant investment from the player.


Game number three is Splinterlands. In Splinterlands, you don’t need to know anything at all about blockchain or cryptocurrencies to generate income – you just need to play Splinterlands well.

In September ’21, NFT’s collectible card game Splinterlands came in first in the blockchain game rankings, one of the best games out there right now.

Splinterlands is a tactical NFT card game where you collect a collection of character cards with their unique properties and then use them in battle against other players. In addition to the character cards, there are also artifact cards based on classics like “Potion” etc.

A special feature of the game is that all cards exist in the form of NFT – this guarantees players ownership of the cards and facilitates trading them. The battles in the game are automatic, the main focus is on choosing a deck of cards and strategically preparing for battle.

One of the advantages of the game is that each player always has a chance to win – regardless of his experience, skill or the size of his card collection. For winning battles, tournaments and quests, players are rewarded with native tokens.

You can also trade your cards freely on the secondary market. Thus, you can not only have fun, but also earn tokens and NFT.

You can play the game for free by registering. But to collect cards, you need to buy a starter pack of 30 cards for $10 – called the Summoner’s Spellbook in the game. Without it, you won’t be able to earn rewards, participate in tournaments or trade on the market. Players who play the game regularly will recoup the cost of the starter pack in about a week.