The Best Games for Those Who Are Yet to Experience the World of Video Game

The Best Games for Those Who Are Yet to Experience the World of Video Game

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Sure, you have heard the hype, your friends always talk about them, but you are not sure you get their appeal. That’s right, we are talking about video games. Today it would be hard to find someone who has never stepped foot into the world of gaming, and hey we are not discriminating between PC, console or mobile games.

But if you are one of those rare individuals and you are yet to understand what is so good about them, we present to you a list of some fantastic games that can get you started.


Even if you are a stranger to video games, you must have heard about Minecraft, at least in the last couple of years. Minecraft was released in 2009 and can be considered one of the most adored games around the world. This epic game can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages at any time of the day. Be warned, despite it not being a traditional video game, it can have you hopelessly hooked for hours on end.

In principle, the game is extremely simple. You break blocks, you collect them, and then you build things. But, one of the best features of Minecraft is how seemingly limitless it is. That is right, Minecraft is a game where you can make your dreams come to life. Do you want to be a farmer? Sure you can have a fully functioning farm complete with workers. Do you want to build a tower that reaches the sky? Go ahead, start mining whichever materials you require. Redstone, the magic substance that provides power in Minecraft will let you create ridiculously simple or extremely complex devices that can be used for an array of purposes.

The game does not have a definite end per se, but you can beat Minecraft after defeating the Ender Dragon. But once you return to your base, you can resume building and crafting just like before.

Temple Run

Temple Run was released in 2013 and is a pretty simple infinite running game anyone can play on their phones. In Temple Run, you play as an explorer who has taken a relic from some obscure region and is running away with it while being chased by monstrous monkeys. The game controls are pretty simple; you swipe to go left or right and to jump or crouch. The game is pretty easy at first and requires only some concentration to keep the character alive. But soon you’ll feel him gaining speed and reaching dead ends, requiring from you much quicker reactions. Of course, the more you’ll play, the more you will improve your reflexes and get better at the game.

Sky: Children of the light

Sky is another mobile game but with a more complicated interface. The sheer beauty of the game and its background track will have you captivated for hours on end. You can play this game at a pace you prefer, and it will be a fantastic option for a slow rainy night. In this gorgeous animated game, you play as a traveller who runs and flies through a mysterious Kingdom, releasing fallen stars.

One of the best things about Sky: Children of the light is its multiplayer mode, where you get to hold your friends’ hands and fly together. Though the game is pretty relaxed and sunny initially, your surroundings get darker and more dangerous as your progress.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us was released in 2013 and is considered one of the best Playstation games ever made. The storyline, the characters and the action can keep you hooked to your seat, following the characters’ journey and killing mutated humans across a post-apocalyptic America. So if you enjoy post-apocalyptic or zombie movies and have hours to spare, the Last of US would be a great option. The second instalment of the game came out in 2020, and if you find yourself enjoying the first game, maybe give The Last of Us 2 a try. And if you want to take a break from MuchoVegas Casino, download this game and get playing.

Call of Duty

Okay, maybe you do not want to follow a plot or walk around releasing fallen stars or even build fantastic structures in a world filled with blocks. Shooting games have always been massively popular, and Call of Duty continues to be one of the biggest games in this genre to this day.

If you do not want to download the game on your PC and lose your precious hard disk space, get the mobile version. The game is only a few GBs large but will give you an amazing experience teaming up with friends and killing enemies. You can choose either the Multiplayer or the Battle Royale mode and make use of carefully planned out strategies to take out all the enemies and come out on top.

Alto’s Adventure

Here is another beautiful mobile game if you are looking to relax for a few hours. This is a one direction snowboarding game set in marvellous snow-capped mountains where you play as Alto, a boy who is trying to track down his llamas. Coupled with the wonderfully smooth graphics, the changes in the lighting and ethereal music, this game is sure to transport your mind to another world as you play.

Summing up

There is a video game out there for everyone, and you just have to look a bit to find the right one for you. To understand the kind of games you might enjoy, you can also watch playthrough videos on YouTube.