Tap Knight and the Dark Castle Official Page

Tap Knight and the Dark Castle Official Page

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Tap Knight and the Dark Castle is a tapping RPG game that continues the story of its prequel; Tales of Clicker Knights RPG

Reviews and Achievements

“This game is awesome!” – AR Gameplay

“It’s a better kind of tap game and it’s quite engaging as well” – Video Game Hermit

“Old school looking game, was more addicting than I anticipated. I didn’t think I would play for thirty minutes´╗┐” – Captain Clash Gaming

“…more interesting than the usual clicker game” – AndroidPolice.com

Game info

Release Date: 6th May 2016
Platform: Android

Having rescued the Princess from the clutch of monsters in Tales of Clicker Knights RPG, the legendary knight marries the Princess, become the King and live happily ever after…

Not so fast!

The Princess may have been saved, however the monsters are secretly building up their strength again the Dark Castle. Luckily, the King’s scouts spot the growing threat of evil from the Dark Castle. Soon after, the King decrees to defeat the monsters and destroy evil once and for all. With such a daunting task, an angel descends to lend a hand to help fight in this arduous expedition into the Dark Castle.

… and so the battle begins in Tap Knight and the Dark Castle!

Features of Tap Knight and the Dark Castle:

  • Watch as your hero and angel battle dark creatures
  • Upgrade your hero or unlock other more powerful heroes to use
  • Recruit allies such as ninja, ranger, samurai and many more to aid your expedition
  • Craft mighty weapons and equip your heroes and allies with the best weapons!
  • Tons of other upgradables
  • Collect Golden Knight equipments and unleash your true potential in fever mode burst
  • In-game tutorial
  • Daily Reward
  • Achievement Reward
  • Compare your progress with your friends!
  • Dragon’s Lair Mode – Get your dragons’ egg!!

Announcement Trailer

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App Icon – 512×512

Screenshots – 960×540


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