Tank Hero Online

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Duel time in Tank Hero Online! Take control of your tank and aim your cannon to destroy the enemy's tank in this 1 versus 1 arcade battler.


  • Simple Controls: Drag to run and release to attack.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade your weapons and other equipment, or you won’t be able to fight against the stronger enemies.
  • Variety of Skills: Several skills for you to choose from, use them to maximize your firepower.
  • Drop Boxes: Random boxes drops from the sky to help you with the battle
  • Difficulty Mode: Normal vs Hard

Instruction on how to play Tank Hero Online

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the cannons

The game is simple to play and can get very addictive. Remember, once you are defeated, you have to start over your progress. How many tanks can you destroy before they destroy you? If you like this game, you can try our other games such as Shadow of Orkdoor, Heads Mayhem and Deul.

Tank Hero Online