Tales of Clicker Knights RPG Official Page

Tales of Clicker Knights RPG Official Page

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  • “Tales Of Clicker Knights RPG clearly has more to offer than your average clicker RPG. Micro-RPG aficionados will certainly want to check this one out.” – SuperGameDroid.com
  • “Tales of Clicker Knights RPG introduces depth to the clicker genre.” – HaoGamers.com

Game info

Release Date: 17 December 2015

Tales of Clicker Knights RPG follows a story of a noble knight who is on a quest to save the Princess of the Clicker Kingdom who was kidnapped by monsters. After assembling a mighty team of four knights, they set off on their journey to hunt down the monsters!

Experience a unique clicker battle system with extensive RPG element where you can upgrade and promote your knights to become a powerful warrior or even a King himself. Learn new skills and upgrade your weapons to improve your chance to defeat the monster king. The Princess life’s is in your hands, Knights!

Game features:

★ Unique Battle System with simple tapping action
★ Promote and evolve your characters
★ Tons of monsters to battle
★ Collect skills and characters
★ Upgrade your weapon
★ Hire knights and evolve them to a worthy warriors!
★ 100+ levels to battle
★ Leaderboard rankings
★ Unlock in-game secrets
★ Hire unique and powerful mercenaries to increase your odds
… and more!

Hints and Tips

⇨ Your knights are promoted randomly to a new and more powerful class
⇨ Try not to make mistakes. Enemies will attack if you tap on the wrong column
⇨ Don’t forget to upgrade your gears!
⇨ Your back button on the phone pause your battle. Status effects are available on the help menu
⇨ Your weapons gain extra attributes when upgraded!

Daily Dungeon Daily Dungeon Heroes

► Dungeon refreshes daily
► Requires keys to access
► The higher the stage, the more difficult the opponent is and the more keys required to access it
► Beat Stage 7 to stand a chance to win an exclusive daily dungeon heroes (a total of 7 unique heroes)
► Guaranteed 10 gems if you beat the daily dungeon

Tactics and Strategy (fan’s contribution)

A die-hard fan blog about his experience from playing Tales of Clicker Knights RPG. He posted videos and photos of what he has achieved. He also wrote a small guide about how he played the game. Check it Aron Juhasz’ Tales of Clicker Knights RPG guide.

Gameplay Trailer

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