Tabletop Simulator Review

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Tabletop games are the ultimate in-game nostalgia. The wide variety of games we have played on the tabletop throughout our youth is now mostly memories but memories that bring huge smiles to our faces. What would it be like to play those games again without all the hassle of a huge game taking over your dining room table? Well, Tabletop Simulator is here to help us find out. If you have been curious about the games in this simulator but are hesitant to try it out, we’ve got a review that could help you decide.

What is in the game?

When you purchase Tabletop Simulator, you’re getting fifteen base games: Backgammon, Cards, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Custom Board, Dice, Dominoes, Go, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mahjong, Pachisi, Piecepack, Poker, Reversi, RPG Kit, Sandbox, Solitaire, and Tablet. You can take your time with a puzzle, brush up on your people reading skills with Chess, and analyze the opponent in a game of Poker. These classic games are an excellent selection, and there is something in there for every tabletop fan. Since the game is designed to be multiplayer, as many as ten people can play together at one time. It’s the perfect rainy weekend activity, the ideal babysitting companion, and a great icebreaker for any game night.

Make it your own

Because the game is available on Steam Workshop, you can change the games in the selection to suit your preferences. You can create as many mods as you like and apply them to well-known games so that they take on an entirely new life. You can also access custom scripting to make games run however you prefer. There are as few or as many rules as you like because you can manipulate the laws of physics and how the universe works as much as you like. One of the significant benefits of Tabletop Simulator is that when you’re losing or ready to vent some anger, you can go completely crazy and flip the table. Trust us; nothing feels better.

Take your burgeoning game developer creativity to another level and get prototyping by importing custom-made tables and boards. Make unique decks, and import 3D models you’ve found online. If you think others might enjoy using your creations, upload them to Steam Workshop or keep them all to yourself. The RPG kit offers interesting model characters that you can set up and play with, but if you ask us, they are just begging to be customized. You can create whole worlds if you feel like it- it’s what this game is all about.

Just like real life

You can behave in Tabletop Simulator in any way you would. You can lift and move figurines, shake the game when you get frustrated, rotate, and even throw objects if you want to. Instead of spending a large amount of money on each separate match and having to waste precious space in your home or apartment to pack them away when you’re done, buy one simulator that offers more different options than you could ever finish playing. The panoramic 3D backgrounds can be adjusted, too, so that you all feel like you’re playing in a place you’ve known before. Instead of trying to remember how far you got and who was winning, playing these games on a computer gives you the option of saving your progress and picking up the game whenever you have time.

For the whole family

Tabletop Simulator is suitable for players of any age. Instead of worrying that your toddler might eat the chess pieces or backgammon buttons, you can play and teach them to play free from concern. If your family and friends are far-flung, instead of all living in the same home, you can connect with them regularly to have a family game night without needing several different versions of the same game. Keep the younger ones entertained while still knowing what they’re up to and enjoy quality time without teenagers being bored to tears: it’s a win-win.

If we could give Tabletop Simulator eleven stars out of ten, we would. Berserk games really struck gold with this one, and it can keep selling like hotcakes for years to come. This game has virtually no downsides because if something isn’t to your liking (including how gravity works), you can change it. There is no end to how you can customize this game, so it’s suited to every kind of gamer if you tweak it enough. If you’re debating the purchase, let us tell you that Tabletop Simulator is worth it.