Swift Swipe

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Arcade HTML5 Promoted Collection Tanay Raaj Bahl

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Swift Swipe by Tanay Raaj Bahl is an arcade game where you are to swipe boxes that are falling from the sky to get rid of them in time.

Boxes are falling from the sky and it is your job to get rid of them in time.

How to Play:

  • Swipe the boxes in the direction shown on the box. Blank boxes are to be tapped.
  • Make sure the timer doesn't run out.
  • Too many boxes on the screen will cause defeat,
  • Use the coins to purchase upgrades from the market.

Swift Swipe is an arcade game where you have to swipe the boxes to the direction of the arrow that are on the boxes. One wrong swipe and it's game over.

Swift Swipe features purchasable a few items tp help you go further and longer in the game. However, the game suffers from being too repetitive. Currently, as long as you can focus into the game, there is no stopping you to keep swiping. It could use more variety in the game such as bomb box which shouldn't be swipe or even maybe boxes that should be swiped diagonally (though I think it might be tricky to program). I would also suggest multiple boxes to fall down rather than just one by one.

Overall, Swift Swipe is one of those game that will be a lot better to play on the touch screen as mouse swipe can be tricky at times. It can use some improvement and variety to compete with other similar titles and genre.

Swift Swipe

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