Swap Rush

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Flash Inner Rocket Interactive Puzzle

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Swap Rush puzzle arcade game is a game by Inner Rocket Interactive. Flex your fingers and prepare for swapping madness. Pick and swap colourful cubes, watch out for falling ones and place in correct order to match incoming cubes colours. Swap fast, swap smart and beat evolving rush!

Were are excited to receive another game submission by Inner Rocket Interactive as they just won the honor of our Premier Game of the Month award for July/August 2015 for their game, STEPS.

Swap Rush, despite looking like a puzzle game, it actually plays like a tower defense game where you have to defend your blocks by matching the the color of your block with the incoming blocks. As you advance on the game, new block types are introduced to add challenge to the game. Like any other puzzle game, as you progress forward, the game becomes more and more challenging and frantic (remember Tetris level 9!). The game ends when one of the incoming blocks hits your purple base.

Overall, it is another enoyable game by Inner Rocket Interactive. If the developer comes up with Swap Rush 2, our suggestion would be to add active abilities and some RPG element to it.

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Swap Rush

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