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We want to keep our service free to all developers. We believe that what we do will help all developers to have a better chance to find success in the App Stores. One of our goals is to make sure that undiscovered great games (called hidden gems) are no longer hidden. We want these games to earn the respect, downloads and revenue that they deserve.


The cost of running a game arcade website has becoming all too real. As we do not want to further burden developers, your support is sorely needed. The money that we receive from your support will largely spent for the following:

  • Server cost and potentially upgrading to a more powerful one in the future
  • Renewal of Domain name
  • Continuous update, fix and improvement to the site to server developers and gamers alike
  • Hardware upgrades and maintenance when required
  • Last but not least, to provide our staff and their family regular meals so that we can focus to effectively promote your games and provide maximum fun to all gamers!



So how much do we need? So, every month we need:
5000 people to support $1, or
1000 people to support $5, or
500 people to support $10, or
100 people to support $100, or
… well you get the idea.


Please check out PlayPlayFun page at Patreon for more information on our tiered rewards. For prospective sponsors, please be sure to check out our Sponsor Page Sample Layout.

… and of course, the greatest reward of all is knowing that PlayPlayFun will always be grateful for your support! 🙂


So, fans, players, gamers and businesses, by supporting PlayPlayFun, not only that you will keep us do what we do best, but also you will do the gaming industry a great favor. As more developers find successes, the gaming scene will be more creative, diverse and, more importantly, flourish.
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