Super Spy Agent 46

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GAME ENGINE: Unity WebGL BROWSER: Check your browser compatibility here PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

Your mission is to complete the impossible missions. Go around the street and eliminate all your targets, Super Spy Agent 46!

We all know agent 47. But agent 46 had been more popular in alter verse, deadlier, louder and, definitely, more than just a beast when it comes to taking down hordes of enemies. 46 is a paid assassin and a clone. He gets his name from being the 46th clone created from the DNA of five different men. He is made to be the perfect spy.

Instruction to Play Super Spy Agent 46:

Keyboard Control:
  • Action:WASD/Arrows - Move
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Space/J - Jump or ascend or drift
  • LMB/Z - Fire
  • RMB/X - Grenade or descend
  • MouseWheel/Q/E - Change weapon
  • A Jump / ascend / - drift
  • Right Trigger/Shoulder/X - Fire
  • Left Trigger/Shoulder/B - Grenade or descend
  • Left/Right - Change weapon
  • Left Shift Button - Activate Slo-Mo Time
  • Y - Enter/Exit


For now, this game is only playable on the desktop browser. If you are using Google Chrome, please make sure to enable WebGL. Alternatively, you can also use Firefox or Opera.

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If you are using Chrome and unable to play the game, please check this guide to enable WebGL on Chrome.

Super Spy Agent 46