Super Grav Game

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Developer's Description:
Super Grav game by DemonStudios is a retro gravity cave flyer for 1-4 players, featuring single player or co-op multiplayer missions, racing and dogfighting.

With fast-paced, super smooth 60fps gameplay, pixel-perfect collision detection and that ‘just right’ feel to the physics, Super Grav game offers a true test of skill, precision and reflexes.

Dodge enemies and bullets, navigate caverns to complete Missions either solo or co-op, battle deathmatch in Dogfight mode or see who can complete 3 subterranean laps the fastest in Race mode.

PlayPlayFun's Impression of Super Grav Game:
With a strong retro feel, Super Grav reminds me of one of my favourite games from 1979, Lunar Lander. Here is top 5 reasons why you should play Super Grav and forget about Lunar Lander:

  1. Weapon upgrades
  2. Dogfighting
  3. Matching the color of package to its destination
  4. Tight control and physics
  5. Multiplayer split screen!

Super Grav is definitely a great fun game that we are proud to have with us. It surely deserves a lot more attention and downloads!

App version features:
  • More levels!
  • Game Center and Google Play online Leaderboards and Achievements

Super Grav Game