Strongerman by Gypopothomas is a Contra inspired shooter/ platformer featuring retro gameboy graphics style.

Strongerman is a Gameboy style run n' gunner made in 10 days for #GBJam 2015.

Controls - Pad

  • dpad/analogue sticks - movement
  • B - roll
  • Y - shoot
  • A - jump
  • Start - pause
  • back+start - quit

Controls - Keyboard
  • WASDD/arrow keys - movement
  • SPACE - roll
  • Z/K/Y - shoot
  • X/L - jump
  • Return - pause
  • Escape - quit

It's fun! If you are a fan of Contra, you'll find Strongerman familiar. Rolls, shoots and jumps your way to defeat the enemies. Highly satisfying action shooter game to play with excellent effects as the screen shakes when you get hit. Music and sound effects will definitely remind you of the classic retro games in the 8-bit and gameboy era.

My wish list for updates:
  • More weapons types dropped by enemies that are using that particular weapons
  • More levels.. of course!
  • Shops to spend the hard earned coins!

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