Stacked Up

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Arcade HTML5 Promoted Retro

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Stacked Up by Tydecon Games is inspired by the original stacker games. Try to stack the blocks perfectly on top of each other in this retro-themed arcade game!

DEVELOPER'S DESCRIPTION (based on full app version):
Try to stack the blocks perfectly on top of each other in this retro-themed arcade game! Remember the game you'd find in arcades? Inspired by the original stacker games - this retro game comes with three modes:

  • Arcade - Start slow, build tall and don't lose concentration as the tower stacks and the speed increases in this classic mode.
  • Hardcore - Only for the faster fingered people! Try to keep up with this challenging mode!
  • Two Player - Who can stack the highest? Challenge your friends in this competitive two player mode.

With 22 Achievements (only for the full app version) to unlock as you go along and leader boards to challenge your friends and the world - enjoy this re-creation of an arcade classic!

Stacked Up is basically a timing-based game where you need to click/tap on the screen when the blocks line up with each other. If they are not perfectly line up, you will lose those blocks which are not lined up. If you lose the last block, the game is over.

There is one problem in Stacked Up game. The game can get old after a while especially during the early levels of the Arcade mode. The game can feel very slow at this point. Seasoned players will probably skip the arcade mode after a while and go straight to the hardcore mode.

Overall, Stacked Up is retro nostalgic game that can use more a little more varieties to keep it more interesting to attract and retain players.

Stacked Up