Spooky Halloween by Sebastian Haba is an endless runner action adventure game.

The game concept is running, collect candies and kill some monsters ;)


  • Cute and nice high resolution graphics
  • Simple touch controls (one finger for jump and another to throw pumpkins)
  • Gamepad support
  • Leaderboard and achievements (app version only)
  • Great sound and nice effects

Keyboard Control:
  • SpaceBar for jumping and double jump
  • Right Control key to throw pumpkins

The purpose of Spooky Halloween is to run and collect candies to score as high as possible.

As you can shoot endless number of pumpkins to kill the monsters, it is not surprising that killing monsters do not give you any points. Instead, you should focus on timing your jump to collect as much candies as possible while keeping in mind of where you land.

Despite the 12+ content rating from the developer, I feel that this game is also suitable for younger kids starting from the age of 6 and above as I don't see any violence or gore in the game. The only reason that it might not be suitable for them is because the halloween characters might scare the younger ones.