Splash Them All! by Collective of Crab is an arcade shooter game where your objective is to drench as many people as you can on the beach.

It is a summer time, so grab your water gun and show to all the people on the beach what you can do.... Splash them all!

This game has been made within a week as a part of a One Game a Month challenge. The theme for August was "SPLASH". This is my result. Enjoy and splash them all!


  • WSAD or arrow keys - movement
  • left mouse button - shoot
  • ESC during the game - pause

Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Give a man a water gun, he will become a child and drench everyone! That's exactly how I feel when playing Splash Them All! There's a primal urge to shoot everybody and runaway!

One complain that I have about this game is that the control is somewhat difficult get used to. The speed of the movement makes it worse especially if you are being chased by a few angry buffed half naked dudes! I think the movement can be toned down slightly cause, once you hit 2 dudes, running away will be your full time job.

Overall, Splash Them All! is hilarious. Slight polishing required to make this game more appealing to the general mass.