Spaceman Saul

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Arcade HTML5 Promoted Collection Tanay Raaj Bahl

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Spaceman Saul by Tanay Raaj Bahl is an endless arcade game where Spaceman Saul must drive his spaceship to safety. However his path is filled with meteorites and aliens. Help him get through.

Presenting Spaceman Saul - A fun android game!


  • Supports multiple screen sizes.
  • Stores highest score.
  • Pause button.
  • Tweet your high score.
  • Infinite game. Try and get the highest score!

How to Play:
  • Click the screen to lift Saul's spaceship.
  • Use Spacebar to active the gun to shoot down aliens.
  • Make sure Saul stays in the screen at all times.
  • Avoid colliding with meteorites and aliens.
  • Collect coins for a bigger score.
  • Collect bombs for mass destruction.

Spaceman Saul adopts an endless runner game where you control a rocket and navigates through a maze of meteorites and aliens.

The game is somewhat difficult, but luckily, the game provides a gun to get rid of pesky aliens. It also provides bombs to destroy all meteorites on the screen (provided that you are can collect them). Having said that, it is a different set of challenge to both focus avoiding obstacles and shooting your gun. Therefore, sometimes I tend to just avoid the obstacles completely and use the gun when I am in dire situation.

The downside of this game is that I feel the hit detection is somewhat too sensitive. There are some cases that I was pretty sure that I didn't hit anything and I exploded, though it was a close call. Another thing is that I wish to see the points collected as I play the game. Currently the score is only shown at the end of the game when it is game over.

Overall, although Spaceman Saul still requires some improvement to its gameplay, it is good to see varieties to the genre with the introduction to bombs and guns.

Spaceman Saul

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