Some Things to Know About the Online Slots

Some Things to Know About the Online Slots

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Who has not ever had fun with the fun slot games? Online slots like those offered by allvideoslots are those machines that will make you have a fun time and earn a good amount of money. This will depend both on chance, the free spins you have and of course on the concentration in the plays as you go.

The only thing to keep in mind is the formation of a number of lines determined by slot machines, that simple. The importance of the online slot machine lies in its variety and there are different numbers of lines, rollers and prizes.

Slot machines can be basic or progressive. In the former, their prizes do not depend on the amount of money deposited, but are fixed prizes. In the second, the prize depends on your money and usually high jackpots accumulate, being more popular.

Here are the terms

Payment lines

Refers, within the slot machines, to the lines that have certain prizes associated and that you will find described in the prize table.

Wildcard or Wild

The symbol that replaces any other, except for the scatter or bonus. With this you will always have more opportunities to get a winning combination. It is the most anticipated symbol on slot machines.


This is the symbol that you will have to collect a certain amount of times to participate in a special round and get additional prizes.

Multiplier or Scatter

Another one of the most “quoted” of online slots. The symbol that allows you to multiply your profit, depending on the number of times it appears on the payment lines.

Maximum bet

It will give you the opportunity to make a roll at the maximum bet level that the machine allows, enabling all bet lines.


After having set your bet, this is the button to press to turn the rollers and start your game.

Free spins

Refers to the free (extra) spins that the online slot machine can grant you.

Hot machine

It is a phrase that is used to refer to the slot machines already giving more and better prizes, normally after a long time playing.

Automatic mode

The slot machines will spin by themselves the number of times you have chosen.


In addition to being very exciting, slot games are mostly easy to play. You just have to take into account the number of lines, the bet level and the value of the coin.

  • Choose the number of betting lines. They represent all the potential winning combinations that start from a combination of 3 equal images. The more lines picked, the more chances of winning.
  • Choose the level of the bet. This sets how many coins you will play for each line. For example, if you have chosen the 3rd bet level, the number of coins you will bet will be 3.
  • Select the value of the currency. This will allow you to play your slot games with lower or higher values.
  • Spin the machine. If you have had a winning combination on any of the betting lines, the machine will indicate it and add what you have won to your personal account. Many slot games will also offer you a special bonus screen where you can play special rounds to get extra prizes.

To review the varieties of prizes, just go to the pay table of the slot machines. In it you can see each of the symbols of the game, the values of each of them, explanations of the plays or special functions and of course, what is paid if any of the winning combinations comes out.