Some of the Greatest Games of All Time

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People have played games of all kinds throughout human history. They’re a great way to have fun, destress, and socialise with friends. Some of these games are short fads, enjoyed for a few months and years before people lose interest. Others stand the test of time, being played by multiple generations. Here are some of those titles.

Mario Kart

Racing games, especially simulators like Forza and Gran Turismo, can be very complicated to those that aren’t car experts. Making sure you get the right suspension stiffness and brake balance and then keeping to the perfect racing line excites petrolheads, but turn off the average player.

Games like Need for Speed address this a little, but by being the exact opposite of this, Mario Kart has become one of the most popular games of all time.

Great players can still do well, but some of their advantage is removed to create a level playing field in the game. Nintendo has achieved this with the powerup mechanic in the game, giving better tools and weapons to players who are near the back. They even created the blue shell which only attacks the leader.

The arcade functionality, cartoony race tracks, and Mario characters make it a fun game with almost universal appeal, no matter which version you play.


Blackjack is about as retro as they come. It is several hundred years old with its roots in European casinos in the early 18th century. It is the most played card game in the world, beating poker and baccarat and can be found in almost every casino.

The same applies to online casinos; no matter which one, you’ll find it available there. You don’t even have to wager any money as there are many free blackjack games available for computers and smartphones.


Monopoly is a game that’s sure to divide whoever plays it. This property trading game has been created with hundreds of localised and special editions, with everything from a London game to a Lord of the Rings Edition.

While the board game has been enjoyed for nearly 100 years, you don’t have to just sit around a table to play anymore. Digital versions, including one that’s now available on iOS and Android, allow players to compete against each other from their smartphones.

This is great for travelling since you can challenge your friends to a game on the train or while on a road trip.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto V is the second best-selling video game of all time, just behind Minecraft. Through the franchise, Rockstar Games has pioneered the open-world format right from the first release of the original Grand Theft Auto in 1997.

GTA gives players the freedom to do what they want whenever they want. If they want to complete the main storyline missions, they can. If they want to drive around the city causing havoc, they can. Or, if they prefer to hunt for all of the Easter eggs hidden in the game, that’s fine too.

The creation of Grand Theft Auto Online has extended this even further, allowing players to roam the fictional Los Santos with their “crew”, completing heists and battling others.