Sniper Shot Bullet Time

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From the creator of Time Shooter, here comes Sniper Shot Bullet Time. You have a sniper rifle in your hands. Aim at the enemy. Pull the trigger and watch: how the bullet flies, how it pierces the enemy's body, how the entrails of the enemy burst. Each shot is unique. Achieve the ultimate in sniper shooting. Experiment with the position of shooting and hitting different parts of the enemy's body. It's time to fight!


  • spectacular murders
  • unique gameplay
  • X-ray camera for murders
  • stunning effects

Instruction to Sniper Shot Bullet Time:

This game works on a mobile device, however, you can only play the first level since there is no way to move using a mobile device. In order to play the full game, please play on desktop.
  • WASD = movement
  • Right Mouse Button = aim
  • Left Mouse Button = shoot
  • Scroll = zoom in / out
  • Space = jump

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Sniper Shot Bullet Time