Sneak Preview – Project Knight 1

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Update 19th November 2015
Tales of Clicker Knights RPG is a confirmed title of this game project. An announcement trailer is now available below for viewing.

Update 6th November 2015
Project Knight 1 is the second confirmed game that will be released under PlayPlayFun. Tentatively, it will be available on the Google Play Store in the end of 2015 or early 2016.

Project Knight 1 is a clicker RPG featuring cute retro pixel art graphic.

You play the role of a brave knight in a kingdom far far away. Unfortunately, monsters have come to kidnap the princess. Naturally, The king wants you to rescue the princess! Level up, upgrade your weapons, hire your mercenaries and equip various accessories to increase your chance to rescue the Princess. It will be a tough road a head. Battle through more than 60 levels with multiple enemy waves to meet the big boss!

The project is currently in beta 2, nearing gold version. Below is an animated GIF of one of the battle scene.

Nothing’s better than a perfect level up!

…and here are several other exclusive screenshots of our Project Knight 1 which reveal more of the gameplay! We will release more screenshots in the future. Stay tuned!