Sling a Kitty Demo

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Sling a Kitty by Pocappstudios is a cat flinging and bouncing game over and through trees, waterfalls and other obstacles to finally reunite with her family.

Help Curio reunite with her family! Fling and bounce the lost kitty up, over and through trees, waterfalls, patches of honey, and many more obstacles! Download now - it's free! Meow! Simple mechanics - Adjust power and angle to complete all challenging levels!


  • Chase butterflies - Gotta catch ‘em all!
  • Cool powerups - Drag Curio with the rope, shield her with the armor or turn her into a Ghost Kitty!
  • High-quality visuals - Bask in the light of a bright and colorful art style!
  • More content on the horizon - Continuous updates with new levels and features!
  • And of course, lots and lots of cats! - Meeeeoow!

This cute family game is free to play and a challenge for both kids and their parents, a game that fits both casual players and to those who prefer a little bit more of a challenge.

In this demo, you can only play 10 levels and in the full version you are able to play all the levels, spin the Wheel of Fortune and use more powerups!

Sling a Kitty takes the gameplay of Angry Birds while adding some new features to it.

My first impression about Sling a Kitty is to notice the cute artwork. For those who love cats, it would be easy to fall in love and appreciate the art style this game has to offer.

Gameplay wise, if you know Angry Birds, you will know the basic of how this game works. However, in order to beat the game, you will have to think differently from playing Angry Birds. Sling a Kitty features more obstacles that you will need to take into account. Hit a tire and you will bounce while hitting honey and you will get stuck. Therefore, you will need to find a balance between power, distance and height of your tossing trigger. Luckily, unlike Angry Birds, a throwing guide is available to guide you throughout the levels to make things a little easier.

Overall, I quite dig Sling a Kitty. It gives the genre a different variation of the common gameplay.

Having said all positives, I would like to make a minor comment regarding the user experience. I would like to see the transition to go and play the next level faster.

Sling a Kitty Demo