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Adventure Flash Halloween Pizzamakesgames Promoted Collection Retro

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Skullz by Pizzamakesgames is a surreal choose'n'pick adventure game, quite unlike anything you've ever seen, probably.

Venture on to the world of the Skullz! Be wary in this traditional adventure game on the quest to find your purpose. Controlled through selectable text commands, this single player game unfolds a strange story starring a cast of various surreal characters over four chapters with dozens of individual screens.

Be dazzled, be entangled, step into the purple light.

What better way than to start the beginning of Halloween month by a game called Skullz. It has nearly all the elements to be a griping adventure game. It has the mystery, dark setting and cool retro graphic, music and sounds. As you play the game, you can't help it but asking yourself these questions right from the start: "What's going on? What is the story behind the character?" ... and, occasionally, "What the hell is going on?".

Like any other adventure game, the game progresses as you read and chooses your option. The conversation is done well and entertaining enough to keep you playing the game. However, one thing that I notice is that the progression is somewhat linear. You can't really choose branching storyline with multiple ending. The developer, nevertheless, did a good job keeping a straight storyline while maintaining the fun factor.

Skullz offers a password save system. The password will be given at the beginning of a chapter.

Overall, Skullz, as an adventure game, shines in the setting, story and art-style which are the bread and butter of such game. Playing Skullz, I find myself as lost in the story as watching the Matrix movie... But it doesn't stop me from watching the trilogy or keep playing Skullz!

However, it would be on my wish list to see Skullz evolve and updated with multiple branching storyline.

If you like this game, please consider supporting the developer by purchasing Skullz on, check out their cool retro game music pack, and download the iOS and Google Play apps version.

You can also listen to Skullz soundtrack here.