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Skullshot by Virtually Competent is a classic platforming action meets goofy physics-based skull tossing.

Scully never could quite get a head in life...but the afterlife is a different story! Play as Scully the Skeleton, whipping your skull at bats, ghosts, frogs, and pumpkins in a number of tough platforming stages that will put your reflexes to the test! Take it slow and try to get a full combo or go full speed ahead and aim for the best time!


  • Skullshot is played with a mouse and keyboard, but we plan on supporting gamepads in the future!
  • WASD moves Scully left and right, up and down. You can also use spacebar to jump!
  • Left click to throw your skull and right click to drop or roll it!
  • After losing your head, pull it back toward you by clicking either mouse button. Just make sure you're unobstructed and ready to catch it!

How to Play:
  • Throw your skull at baddies to take them out! Destroy all the enemies in a level and you win!
  • Beat the level fast enough to win a medal! Try to beat your friend's best times!
  • Try to keep your combo running! If your skull takes out an enemy and you don't pick it up after five seconds, you'll break your combo. It's the five second rule!
  • Don't get hit too many times or you'll be sent to an early grave...for the second time, from the looks of it!

Tips and Tricks:
  • Did you know? Your head is the smartest part of your body! Your skull will seek out nearby enemies after the first contact, so look for patterns!
  • Maintain a high combo to keep your skull moving fast! You'll move a little faster without the weight, too!
  • Man, you must have a really heavy head...looks like you can double jump while headless as well!
  • You can only use the recall technique once per throw, but taking out an enemy will restore its use!
  • Even if you're blocked by a surface, recalling your skull could give it that extra bounce it needs to hit another target!

Skullshot is an arcade platformer game that reminds me of the good olden days of 8-bit video games. I fully enjoy playing Skullshot. Let's us put it this way: If Skullshot were to release during the Nintendo 8-bit NES platform back in its days, Skullshot would have sold a decent amount of copies gathering quite a lot of fans.

If you like this game or want to see more levels, please consider supporting the developer by purchasing Skullshot on or purchasing Virtually Competent merchandise on Zazzle.


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