Skull Pong

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Skull Pong game by 2024 Studios is back under the creepy dark theme of the Halloween, featuring different modes for single & multiplayer.

Don’t let the skull hit the side borders, as long as you can.

New Rules have been set with the same gameplay you already know in the old school of ping pong game. Get your sticky bones ready to control the bouncy skull.

Enjoy four different modes featured in Skull Pong, 3 Single gameplay modes, & the Pumpkin themed Multiplayer mode.

Happy Halloween with our little treat, Skull Pong!

PS: There're no ghosts, no spooky souls, only spiders & flying bats!
It's free simple pong game.

Skull Pong arrives just in time for Halloween. As expected, Skull Pong features everything from bats, creepy music and scary pumpkins that makes it a Halloween-ready.

Before playing Skull Pong, we are expecting a classic pong match against computer AI. However, we are quickly made to realize that it is not the case. In this case, players are expected to control both ends of the board with certain rules based on the level of difficulty. For example, in "Not That Easy" mode, players are to avoid hitting the red paddle on the left while avoiding to hit border on the other side. Unless you have a buddy to help you out, the game will soon become something that will train you to multitask and think very very quickly.

We are not against the new modes of play with new rules, however, we do still miss the old classic Pong where we can play against computer AI with varying difficulty as well. Maybe the developer can still add this feature in the future.

We also would like to see more description of the different modes before we actually choose it. That would help and clear up the rules early.

Overall, Skull Pong is appropriately named and arrived at PlayPlayFun at the right timing. You may not have the normal classic Pong, but you can still expect a unique game of Pong with new modes to try.

Skull Pong