Signtist New Word Puzzle Demo

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Signtist New World Puzzle by is the next big thing in the world of word puzzles. It is the new sign language!

Ever noticed how we unknowingly make a pattern while typing an SMS? Signtist does the opposite! It gives you the pattern and you have to crack the word. Signtist requires fast decoding skills and sharpens the brain. It is a challenging and interesting game that improves spellings and vocabulary. Signtist is the new sign language!

With over 600 puzzles to solve, this game really gets your gray cells buzzing. There is a "Category" section and a "Vocabulary" section. The former has over 20 topics to choose from, for eg: Animals, Countries, Sports, Languages etc. The latter has 5 levels with words from the English dictionary in increasing level of difficulty.

Here you either get the word or you don't! So the feeling of satisfaction is way higher! Every puzzle also offers clues but they come at the cost of time and stars. You can either choose to reveal a letter and sacrifice 20 seconds or get the meaning of the word for 30 seconds.

You start off as a "student" and make your way up the titles of "graduate", "doctorate", "professor", to finally become a SIGNTIST! So are you ready?

Please note that this demo is short. It only contains 4 puzzles starting from 3 letter word up to 6 letter word. In addition, once you have completed all puzzles, it does not allow you to replay the demo on the same browser.

If you still have the classic flip phone or have used any pay and home phones, you will be quite familiar with how Signtist works.

The game starts out simple with 3 letter word. However, things can get quite complicated (and frustrating to some) when it gets to 5 or 6 letter word. Fortunately, there's a hint button which cost a star to use.

Overall, if you like word puzzle game, you should give Signtist a try. It is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. It's a kind of game that puzzle lover would love.

Signtist New Word Puzzle Demo