Should you play World of Warcraft in 2022?

Should you play World of Warcraft in 2022?

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This is a question that has not lost its relevance since the release of the first expansion of The Burning Crusade. Each new add-on becomes a reason for a talk about whether it is worth playing World of Warcraft for new players, whether the game itself is alive or is already dying. This is a classic discussion that has been around for many years. We should say right away: yes, you should play WoW. In this text, we will try to figure out what advantages this MMORPG has and why it continues to occupy the first line in popularity ratings. We will also discuss how the current Shadowlands expansion differs from the previous ones, what interesting things can be done in the game right now and what to expect from WoW in the future. We will also give you special advice on how to make the game more comfortable.

Current State

At the time of the Shadowlands release, this expansion was considered a success by most players. The beautiful visual style of the add-on’s design, an interesting storyline with both new and old characters to meet, Covenant system that has updated the class balance in the game, making it more interesting and dynamic – all of these had to be the main reasons for the Shadowlands’ success.

However, as time passed, it became clear that not everything is so perfect. The Covenant system did not prove to be effective: the players chose the Covenant not based on personal interests and desires, but based on the current meta. The change in the leveling system did not change the general situation with the need to spend dozens of hours on the completion of content that has already been done many times. It has become easier to choose the expansion in which the leveling will take place, but it has not become easier to finish the leveling. Torghast Tower, a new type of instance, is only required for Soul Ash farming, as this rogue-like dungeon did not bring any actual changes to the gameplay. The amount of the farming itself in Shadowlands expansion is overwhelming, you need to constantly farm several types of currency to unlock and upgrade high-level gear.

But the main reason many players consider Shadowlands to be a failure is that a huge amount of time has passed between the first and second patches. At the same time, even though it took more than six months for the release of the new patch and the same amount will pass before the release of the next one, the patches do not bring many changes and practically do not fix the existing problems.

How to make your gaming experience comfortable?

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If we are talking about the specifics of the genre, WoW will take a huge amount of time to perform various activities. Most of these activities seem “optional” only at first glance. If you want to achieve maximum success and make your character one of the strongest in the game, then you will have to complete absolutely all relevant challenges. Moreover, participation in the most difficult PvE activities – performing mythic dungeons and raids – is even more demanding not only in your free time but also in your immediate skills.

Why should you play WoW?

Despite these problems, WoW still retains its title of the most popular MMORPG in the world. Yes, the game is going through hard times. However, this does not mean that it has ceased to be the best! Huge gameplay variety, hundreds of hours of high-quality PvE content, dynamic PvP battles in Arenas and Battlegrounds – all this awaits you in WoW. We can write endlessly about the huge lore of the game, and there is no greater pleasure than exploring it on your own. Of course, you have to spend a lot of time leveling your character to finally participate in endgame content – the most interesting part of the game. However, if it is your first character – then the leveling process will be as interesting as anything else!

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