Should Students Use Essay Writing Apps?

Should Students Use Essay Writing Apps?

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Today, students are looking for ways to write excellent essays fast. There are so many ways you can write your essay without spending much time. You can seek help from essay writing companies or use an essay writing app.

Most students are familiar with writing services but not essay writing apps. These apps are cheaper and can help you write your essay faster, but should students use them? Read on and decide if they can be valuable to you.

1. Structure of the essay

When writing an essay, proper structuring is essential for an excellent paper. Writing apps come with ready to use templates that are designed for different types of essay. The apps help you to structure your essay according to how content should be organized. This entails properly arranging the main parts of an essay such as the introduction, body, as well as the conclusion. Besides, it assists you to formulate a strong thesis statement which most students find challenging.

The structure simplifies your task because most essays will follow a particular structure. Also, through these templates, you get to learn how to structure and write different types of essays.

2. Proofreading

Students can make lots of mistakes when writing academic essays. This includes typos and grammar mistakes. A paper that is full of errors can only make you get a poor grade. You can prevent this by using an essay writing app to proofread your paper and correct any mistakes. While you can proofread your paper manual, there is a risk of missing out on some mistakes. An essay app, on the other hand, uses artificial intelligence, which makes them more effective in spotting grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. Combining manual proofreading with essay apps helps you to polish your work even better.

3. Cost-effective

Using apps to write your essay won’t cost you much. You only need to download the app, and you are ready to go. For the writing services, however, you will have to pay to access their services.

4. Time

Writing apps can compose an essay in a matter of minutes. These tools use advanced technology, which makes them fast and effective in creating content. If you are to write your essay, you will take hours selecting a topic, researching on the subject, and doing the actual writing, a process that the app will handle in a few minutes.

Another fast alternative to writing apps is essay writing service. While apps are quicker, online essay writing services are more accurate and provide quality results. Besides writing services, have professional writers who ensure the paper is well written, proofread, and give a plagiarism report for every assignment.

5. Compatible with other devices

Most, if not all, writing help devices are compatible with all devices, including iPhone and Android devices. They are so convenient that you can even write your paper while sitting on the train home or even in a queue waiting to be served. With these apps, you will not have to worry about carrying your laptop around. You just need your phone, and you will be good to go.

While essay writing apps are very helpful in writing content, they have some drawbacks. You may need to recheck your paper and make some adjustments before you hand in the paper. Some of the demerits of essay writing apps include;

1. Unnatural language
The biggest challenge of using apps to write essays is that the language will sometime sound strange. Machine-generated language is usually segmented, which means your essay will not have a good flow. Consequently, you will have to rewrite your text to improve its flow and make it human-readable.

2. References
Academic writing will require you to include references in your essay. It may not be possible for essay apps to include references because most of these apps work by collecting data and then craft an essay but do not have a feature for references. After writing your essay, you may have to check up the text and include the references on your own.

3. Plagiarism Report
Plagiarism is unwelcomed in academic writing. Writing apps will not guarantee you a plagiarism-free essay. This is because they use the information available online to write your essay. Unlike essay writing services that will check your text for plagiarism using powerful checkers and provide a report, apps do not check for plagiarism after writing. You will, therefore, have to check out for plagiarism and rewrite some parts to make your paper original.


While essay writing apps will write your paper in minutes, it will not be the best quality to guarantee a good grade. You may have to spend a few minutes fixing the errors and adding references before handing in. However, it can be a good starting point for writing an excellent essay.