Shoot Me Not

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Antarsoft Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Shoot Me Not by Antarsoft is a fast pace arcade game inspired by the famous Asteroids.

A fast paced arcade mini game where a spherical cannon shoots colourful balls, so you need to collect the ones with the same color as the spherical cannon's. Take control of a spherical cannon that shoots colorful cannon balls and collect the ones with the same color as the cannon's indicator.

As simple as it sounds ... it's fun and quite addictive :). How high can you go!?

Hint: keep an eye on the cannon's direction ;)

Keys: To move the spherical cannon use the mouse drag or the arrow keys

Shoot Me Not is a simple arcade game similar to Color Chaos where you have to keep track of the color that is required while avoiding all other different colors except for white. Remember, white sphere is your friend. It will give you random power ups such as x2 score multiplier or a broken cannon (yes, a broken cannon is a good thing in this game. It stops your cannon from producing more sphere!).

Using the mouse to control the sphere is not ideal. This would be more suitable for a touch screen interface to increase movement accuracy.

Overall, Shoot Me Not has some original idea. The only let down in this game is the graphic. I would think a pixel art style might fit this game well.

Shoot Me Not

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