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Board Game HTML5 Promoted Collection

GAME ENGINE: HTML5 BROWSER: Any browsers PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

GAME INFO: is a remake of classic battleship board game with a great touch.


  • Improved the loading time, now game will load much faster
  • Sonar sound has changed
  • Updated the grid graphics
Pending Features:
  • Multiplayer support to play with friends OR with any random person around the world
  • Leaderboard to rank players

For those who love the classic Battleship, would be a welcome addition and here's why! is fast, fast and fast!
It loads fast, the computer moves fast and the control is responsively fast, even on mobile. has new enhancement that players can appreciate
In, if you score a hit, you will get a free chance to hit again. This simple tweak totally changes the strategy and or luck factor of the game. Another feature that introduces is the fact that once you sink a ship, all adjacents tiles are marked a miss, which means that you can never place your ship next to each other. works on mobile devices You can play anywhere. It's lightweight so that you can play it anywhere as well as in the office. I guess I can say that this can be the new Solitaire that took over the working world in the 1990s!

Overall, despite having a minimalist art style, is a classic battleship rendition that I can totally enjoy on and off work. The best feature about it is its loading speed which is probably the reason for its minimalist style.