Sheep Farm

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Sheep Farm by csharks is a time management game featuring a sheep farmer, Ben

Ben is employed in a Sheep Farm. His job is to run the farm without any hitches. Every day he must take care of the sheep and the associated units of farm. Ben must also go to the market to buy items for the farm and sell the products from the farm.

Ben needs help from the players to run the farm. Feeding the sheep, shearing the sheep, buy new sheep, sell old sheep, restock the sheep feed, grass & medicines are the some of the activities involved in taking care of the sheep. The farm has got a wool cleaning unit and a yarning unit.

Playing Sheep Farm reminds me of the first time management game that I played in the past, Diner Dash. Instead of diners, you are dealing with sheep as your client and main source of income.

When you first start the game, you will be tutored to take care of a sheep, produce milk and fur, and finally going to the market to sell your products. After you come back from the market, you will immediately be in charge of taking care of 3 sheep.

The game plays fine with easy clicking/tapping control. However, the game needs improvement in terms of User Interface and User Experience. For example:

  • There should be an indicator on how many tasks that I have assigned to the farmer
  • Rollover bars for all items indicating how many more times that they can be used would be helpful
  • An option to speed up the game or increase the walking speed of the farmer
  • Need a clearer goal on how to achieve daily target to light up each star

Overall, Sheep Farm has its potential and fans of the genre may enjoy it. However, for me, I feel that Sheep Farms require polishing and improvement, especially if it wants to compete with the big boys and more established franchise of the same genre.

Sheep Farm