Scrumpfy and the Beans Cookies Galaxy

Scrumpfy and the Beans Cookies Galaxy game by Mad Dwarf is a endless jumper game with a goofy character and ability!


Help Scrympfy reach the beans cookies galaxy!
Collect beans cookies for power boosts.
Arrows to move scrumpfy and mouse click to use bean cookie booster.
Upgrade your tools with the money you earn by staying in fly.


The game may look like another typical endless jumper game. However, the thing that sets this game apart from other game is the theme. Not everyday that you will see farting as part of a the hero ability to fly. Seriously, farting? What were the developer thinking? Well, I guess the developer might be thinking to replicate the goofiness of the classic disgusting game, Boogerman from the 16-bit era, released in SNES and Genesis system.

Enough about fart and booger... for now!

The game is somewhat difficult to play. You will need to keep collecting cookies along your flight in order to fuel your next fart. However, aligning yourself with the cookies is a major headache for us. It is hard to have fast enough reflex to align our hero to the cookies. Furthermore, the distance between cookies is, at times, too great that you may need more than one fart to reach. This is awkward especially in the beginning.

Overall, Scrumpfy's unique theme might attract players to give it a try, however, some people might find the game a tad too difficult for them to go far. They might enjoy the "splat" though :D