Satellite Rush Demo

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Satellite Rush is a pixelart top-down dual stick shooter with randomized levels and roguelike elements. Take control of an office worker and blast through the endless corridors of Satellite Moebius, an arena filled with vicious aliens, robots programmed to clean (or kill) and a (not always so) cheery audience.


  • Blast through endless corridors trying to please the audience
  • Unlock new content and find the secrets of the Satellite
  • Get Upgrades by dedicating boss deaths to specific Sponsors
  • Die a lot

What I really love about this game is the pleasing the audience feature. Please them be rewarded. Bored them and they’ll throw things at you.

Download Satellite Rush Demo

If you like the game, you can also back up their project at Kickstarter – Satellite Rush project.

Satellite Rush Screen 1

Satellite Rush Screen 2