Salt & Pepper 2

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HTML5 Promoted Puzzle

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Salt & Pepper 2 by Appdore Games features addictive, strategic drawing gameplay with minimalistic graphics and surreal multistage levels for casual gamers.

The surreal physics game sequel is finally available on Google Play, Salt & Pepper 2: A Surreal Salty Physics Game is the sequel to last year's popular indie physics game Salt & Pepper: A Physics Game.

The rules are still simple. No need to complicate things just to be different! The objective of Salt & Pepper is to fill all the bowls! Can your brain handle dozens of clever asymmetrically designed single, double and triple multistage levels?

Game Overview:

  • Clever puzzlerific gameplay for all ages,
  • Ambient music from Franco Eneiro [Transformations].

The idea in Salt & Pepper 2 is to draw lines to direct the traffic of Salt & Pepper to their respective containers. But don't be fooled, the game is a puzzle game, so don't expect it to be a brainless game. Salt & Pepper 2 forces you to think, strategize and sometimes urge you to draw imaginary lines to help you imagine how the salt & pepper will be affected by your drawings.

The physics of the game seems to be accurate as you can start to predict the movement of the salt & pepper after a few tries. However, it did take us a several tries before I can clear the first stage.

Overall, Salt & Pepper 2 is a decent puzzle game with clever physics and mechanics. I would highly recommend playing the game on mobile or tablet as it is much easier to draw a more accurate lines with your finger. Finally, I wish that there is an undo button to remove the last line drawn. It can be really helpful at times.

Full Version in the App Stores:
  • Faster, simpler, smoother finger drawing
  • Dozens of challenging single and multistage levels for a better challenge,

Salt & Pepper 2