Rules of The Game: Looking at Online Gaming Etiquette

Rules of The Game: Looking at Online Gaming Etiquette

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Etiquette is essential, whether you are in person or online. It is generally a case of using good manners and treating other people as you would wish to be treated. Bricks and mortar casinos have a very strict code of conduct so just because you are enjoying the online facilities it doesn’t mean you should let your etiquette standards slip. You can also be barred from online gaming sites if you choose to have poor etiquette and be rude or abusive to other players and staff. So today we’re looking at some tips to ensure that you have the perfect online gaming etiquette whatever you choose to play.

Chat Rules

Not every online gaming has chat facilities available, and where it does this could be text or voice. The rules for both are very similar; you should not become a spammer; this means you need to keep any conversation or chat relevant to the game. If you are using a microphone, be respectful of other players and remember to mute yourself if you leave the area or need to attend to something else. There are ways to block other players’ microphones so if you do find someone is not respecting gameplay and causing a nuisance you can block them. Remember though it is all very well being blocked by a fellow player, but if you become so annoying the site blocks you, you will no longer be able to play the game. Ensure you are not yelling in the microphone, swearing or cursing or generally abusing any other players. In-text chat try to keep the annoying emojis, sound bites, and other things to the minimum and the talk relevant. If you want you to a particular discussion, it is worth spending time as a silent observer seeing how things are run. In some games, there is a standard abbreviated congratulation message sent to the winning player, and you should follow suit rather than do something different. Remember that people of all ages can be playing so your language should be appropriate for a broad audience.

Be Polite

There is a massive difference online between banter and bullying. Some people do not even want to enter into banter and can get very upset. Site moderators will always take the side of someone who feels threatened or unsafe as it is a right of these sites for everyone to play in a safe and happy environment. Again, consider the age group you are playing with before you decide to enter into any banter or teasing. Swearing can be acceptable in an adult-only environment. Still, it’s tough to judge that this is the case, and it only takes one person to report you for you to be removed or temporarily banned. It isn’t a necessary part of game playing, so keep it out of the chat.

Welcome Newbies

If you’ve been playing a specific game for a long time, you might find new players are irritating. But remember it’s not their fault everyone is new at some point. You may see new players making wrong moves or struggling to learn. You have two choices: you can ignore this and accept that they are new or you can gently offer help. Again, it is not appropriate to bully, shout, or rant because they have made a mistake. Of course, come out with all games including those online there are sharks around. Many years ago, one of the most popular hustles was the ‘I’ve never played pool in my life before’ and then going on to completely trash you as clearly they were a very experienced player. The same sort of thing can happen with online gaming, regardless of whether it is played for money or bragging rights. So be wary but friendly to new players; most people find that it’s better to keep themselves to themselves.

No One Likes a Cheat

In games that are played for money, it is very hard to cheat, and sites are certainly set up to ensure that the game is played fairly without any evidence of tampering. But even if the game is just played for fun cheating ruins it for everyone. Playing by the rules is the easiest route to take and will ensure that you are not subject to being banned or coming up against the moderators. People are there to enjoy themselves and do not want to put up with idiots trying to ruin it because they can’t do as they are told and won’t play by the rules of the game. Of course, in casinos, you can find yourself blacklisted across the Internet with no one prepared to take you as a player including in mobile casinos Australia. So, do yourself a favour and stick to the rules.

Family Friendly Avatars

In many games, you are able to create an avatar or an image as a representation of yourself. While this gives you scope to create something unique, you also want to make sure that you’re not using anything rude or offensive as again you will not be popular among other players or the site moderators. Overall, it is crucial that you are a good sport and enjoy the game for what it is. Sadly, some people lose very badly and kick-off, creating a poor environment for the rest of the players, which isn’t good for the overall game. If you lose, take it with good grace and try to get on with enjoying the game.