Royal Bounty HD

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Royal Bounty HD is game by iosoftware for Windows and Mac OS X. It was crafted for the lovers of old adventure RPGs like King’s Bounty (1990).

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We, at PlayPlayFun, are a huge fan of King’s Bounty and Heroes of Might and Magic. Therefore, it is a no brainer for us to include Royal Bounty HD as part of PlayPlayNews so that more people can discover this gem!

You are an adventurer named Jim, just out of the island prison. How you ended up like this is unknown. You have no gold and no army. Angry Cell Guard is chasing your heels. What a difficult situation! Your first quest is get away from the maze and find a ship. But it is just a beginning of the story. Your road lies across four huge continents, inhabited by a variety of monsters. You are going to visit a desert, frozen lands, go through woods and towns, and in the finale meet your old friend, The Master. En route you’ll have to earn money and gather an army to face him fully equipped. Nevertheless, you will still need a helping hand from Dragons.


  • gorgeous, unmatched, top-class pixel art
  • true hardcore gameplay like back in the 90’s
  • 180 creature types in your army
  • long plot featuring several endings
  • tons of quests
  • well polished user interface