Rough & Tumble

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Rough & Tumble by Virtually Competent is a robot western platformer with monochromatic graphic style as seen on Gameboy

Rough & Tumble was made in about a week for GBJam 4! Guide bounty huntin' robot Tumbleweed through the wild west in pursuit of the Roughhouse Gang!


  • Spacebar to Start/Restart
  • Arrows to move
  • Z to shoot
  • X to jump
  • Up arrow to interact (climb ladders/enter doors/talk to NPCs)
  • Double tap down arrow to drop through (most) platforms

Help Tumbleweed take down the Roughhouse Gang in this robot western platformer, originally created for GBJam 4! You can see how the game did on its GameJolt voting results page.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to finish more than the first level for the jam version, but we've got plenty of content planned for a future update!

Virtually Competent, with their game Rough & Tumble, yet again brings us to revisit our fond memory of the golden era of gaming. With its monochromatic graphic style, as seen in the original GameBoy, Rough & Tumble delivers a seemingly familiar western action platformer game. The control is smooth and the game is quite fun. However, we kind of miss the classic move such as duck and roll. Hopefully this feature will be added in future updates.

The map has plenty places to explore and gives us the feeling that that there are hidden places that we may have missed.

If you like this game or want to see more updates, please consider supporting the developer by purchasing Rough & Tumble on or purchasing Virtually Competent merchandise on Zazzle.

Rough & Tumble

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