Ronny Runs Around Robots

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Arcade Below Zero Games HTML5 Promoted Shooting

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Ronny Runs Around Robots by Below Zero Games is a classic arcade shooter game that blends elements of Frenzy and Beyond Wolfenstein.

Ronny Robbins a robot builder has a problem he made a major blunder programming his robots. He made a terrible typo in the code of his central computer. He accidentally entered "Go forth and evil" instead of "Go forth and live". The mistake wasn't noticed until it was too late and now he must destroy the central computer in order to stop a robot army from building itself.

You must build a bomb and locate the central computer. Of course that will not be easy as the robots are armed and dangerous.


  • WSAD or Arrow keys for movement
  • Spacebar to shoot or left mouse button for accurate shots
  • I to open inventory
  • P to pause

  • Arcade Action like the good old days.
  • Non stop action.
  • No two games are the same.
  • Cool retro feel.

If you grow up in the 1980 with classic game system like Atari, Colecovision and NES, you will find Ronny Runs Around Robots, with its strong retro look, familiar and enjoyable. The gameplay is really simple. Players need to runs around room by room until you find what you need to build a bomb to blast the main computer.

However, in order to get all the items, there are plenty of challenges that you will face. There are 4 different kind of walls that I know of and they are reflectors, destroyable, non-destroyable and laser. This alone will force you to think carefully before you shoot.

Then... there are the evil Robots. Smaller robots are not to worry about, but the bigger and stronger robots will give you a lot of trouble. One robot in particular that will make your life a living hell is the chaser robots which seem to appear when you spend too long in a given room. This robot will chase you by going through walls and use their very powerful weapon.

Overall, growing up with the old classic retro games, I find Ronnie Runs Around Robots to be quite fun and challenging. In the end of the day, who doesn't want to become a hero that saves the day!

Full Version features:
  • Can load and save your game
  • A free life every 10,000pts

Ronny Runs Around Robots

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