Risks Involved in Gaming

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We take for granted the ability to simply go online and play any game we wish. Online gaming on sites such as Jackpotcity Casino has increased dramatically over the past few years. With that increase comes substantial profit for online gaming sites, but it also leads to a responsibility for the user to understand that no matter what site they use, there are certain risks involved. Even if you have been an avid gamer for years, here are some of the online gaming risks both children and adults need to keep in mind as they enjoy their favorite gaming channels. What are the risks of online gaming? Here are a few to keep in mind and teach your children about.

Online Bullying

Just a few decades ago, having a bully meant you had a larger kid taking your lunch money or just being a disturbance at school. The solution, according to many parents and even some administrators, often turned to physical fights. The notion that you could merely knock out the larger kid, and they would leave you alone, was very popular in schoolyards across the world. Although we have evolved in our ways of physical violence at school, bullying is an ongoing problem, but it has evolved into something every child and adult needs to be aware of.

Cyberbullying is a real thing and not only affects children, but adults using online gaming sites as well. Statistics on cyberbullying are staggering. In 2011, it was reported that 15% of online gamers in the United States had been the victim of cyberbullying and by 2018, that statistics had risen to 26%. With the global interest in online gaming on the rise, you can bet that cyberbullying will continue to increase as well. Teach your children about this problem and ways to avoid it when possible. Also, never allow yourself, as an adult, to be a victim of cyberbullying, as it can happen on any gaming site.

Personal Security

Security breaches are nothing new and often, the breach is not just about acquiring funds from unsuspecting users. Cyberattacks and breaches are more based on getting personal information from users. This information can be used to virtually steal the identity of an individual. Identity theft is continually on the rise. In 2019, according to the Federal Trade Commission, 167,000 people reported a fraudulent credit card opened in their name. Much of that information came from online activity.

To avoid security risks in gaming and other online activities, ensure passwords remain strong with the inclusion of letters, numbers, and symbols to avoid the potential of a hacker gaining access to your account. Avoid websites that have lackluster security measures or those that ask for a credit card without any discernible reasoning for needing one. Free games online should never ask for a credit card just to play, and even those that do for in-App purchases should have terms and conditions in place to protect your information. Always read everything about a game before providing any identifying information about yourself of any member of your family.

Malware and Viruses

Sometimes, even the best passwords and cybersecurity measures cannot guard against the potential for cybercrime to occur. One of the oldest and still most practiced ways for hackers to access your personal information is with viruses and malware purposely placed in downloads. Never download games that you have not properly researched. Check out the legitimacy of the game by studying their terms and conditions along with online reviews from past players. Never download a game blindly. You risk the health and safety of your device as well as your valuable, personal information.

Use of Webcams

Webcams have their place, and on gaming websites they allow players to play each another in a virtual one-on-one format, but they can also be a negative for gamers as well. Reports of webcams being hacked and used to spy on unsuspecting users are growing. This can be especially concerning for young gamers, as they are most vulnerable to this invasion of privacy. Teach children to turn off computers and devices when not in use to avoid the potential for hackers accessing webcams. Also, invest in increased security measures such as firewalls and security programs for all devices to keep potential webcam access to a minimum.

Financial Concerns

Anytime you intend to access an online game, make sure you understand the requirements involved in gameplay. Some games require a subscription, so when accessing this type of gaming option, ensure you can keep up with the monthly expenses. Also, encourage your children to not download any game without your approval. Adults tend to be more responsible at appropriating monthly expenses and understanding their implications.

Even with these avenues in place to keep financials in check, accidents happen, so only link games to cards that you can keep track of. Game purchases are often small fees, but they can add up quickly and if your card alerts you of purchases, you will be better equipped to stop further purchases before they get out of control.

The joy of online gaming is unparalleled. We love it and enjoy it on a daily basis. Although online games can be fun, they require an understanding of the potential risks involved in playing them. Teach your children these risks and keep them in your own mind when playing any online game.