Ricochet Heroes

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Arcade Flash Promoted Collection RPG

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Ricochet Heroes by Spotcos is an unlikely combination of two unexpected genres: Pinball and RPG.

Fling your heroes, bounce evil monsters, and recruit new heroes for some multiball madness. And of course, save some princesses!


  • Click + Hold : Fling Heroes
  • WASD/Arrow Keys : Tilt (Push heroes in a certain direction)

Freshly updated from Ludum Dare 31 (where it won #16 overall and #5 in the fun category) and made in 72 hours.

Ricochet Heroes has some of the stranger ideas to combine Pinball and RPG together. The developer has done a good job to make both genres work together.

The game is short, but it is understandable as it is only an update of the version that came from Ludum Dare.

You started the game with a hero that you can fling towards monsters to fight or to town to move forward on your quest to save the girl. In between, you will find Inns, Guilds, castles and items and obstacles. You can heal your hero in the inn while recruit more heroes in the guidls. The goal of each level would be to reach the castle where you will then be flown over to a new level.

There are a few things that I would like to see more if the developers decide to develop the game further.
  • More level up and statistics to add more to the RPG element.
  • More control over hiring heroes and whom to fling.
    Overall, Ricochet Heroes has a lot of potential. It is fun while it last. Definitely worth a try despite its length!

    Ricochet Heroes