Rhythm n Jump

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Arcade Promoted Collection Rhythm WebGL

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Rhythm n Jump by Citifrank features simplistic and minimalistic art style with randomized endless and progressive gameplay!

Increasingly challenging gameplay. Run! Jump! Crush!! Rhythm n' jump has Simplistic, minimalistic art style gameplay. Endless, random and faster!

Remember: Do loops, don't die!


  • tap the side of the big one to jump.
  • only big can jump over the little one.
  • the boxes will run faster and faster. Watch out! The game ends if big box and small box collision with each other.

  • 3d light boxes
  • challenge the best score
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • musically synchronized
  • different colors in stages
  • simple control
  • cool broken particle effects

Rhythm n Jump is the kind of game that you might brush it off due to minimalist and simplistic graphic. That was almost the case for me until I give this game a few tries.

The game is simple enough. Avoid collision of the boxes by jumping over the other box. The catch is that the box is different in size. You will never make it if you make the small box jump over the bigger box. Therefore, you need to concentrate to make sure that you making the bigger box jump over the smaller one... and this is quite hard to do.

I feel the game should have been done in landscape mode so that players can have more time to identify the bigger box in the begining. Currently, you only have a split second to make a decision before you collide and that can proof to be very difficult to some players.

Overall, the concept of the game is quite fun. However, the initial level of difficulty might turn off casual players. But for hardcore players, don't miss out on the hard mode to challenge yourself in handling 2 rows of boxes!

Rhythm n Jump