Return of the Prodigy: Mongraal Back to Fortnite Pro Scene

Return of the Prodigy: Mongraal Back to Fortnite Pro Scene

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It’s a comeback that is long overdue

Ever since the rise of e-Sports, pros have become a huge part of the history and branding of the games they play. With Fortnite’s popularity and long-running service, it has given rise to many names as well. Among them, the one that’s getting the most buzz is Mongraal. Here’s a bit of a lowdown–Fortnite Tracker stats and all–of Epic’s prodigy.

Battle Royale Genius

Born as Kyle Jackson on August 13, 2004 in Kent England, Mongraal became the youngest ever Fortnite player to go pro. Despite the game–and gaming as a whole–being popular among teenagers, it’s usually those in their twenties that go pro. This owes to the fact that while lots of teen players are as good as them, or perhaps even better purely skills-wise, they do not have the necessary discipline, patience, and broader thinking found in older players.

Mongraal, however, is an obvious and awesome exception. Going pro just at 13, he’s the youngest pro in Fortnite, and perhaps even in the entire e-Sports scene. In his first ever tournament, the BP Open Duos July 2018, he landed fifth place–definitely not a bad job when you’re younger than everyone and it’s your first time on the global stage. And five big games later, he managed to get his first-ever tournament chicken dinner in the POG Duo Tournament on September 2.

With him winning tournaments exceptionally early in his career, Mongraal has shown that he has everything a pro needs. That, of course, includes teamwork. Proof of that is him being with really big e-Sports teams. At first, he was in Secret, but he later moved on to FaZe Clan at the Champion Solo’s Cash Cup, where he landed seventh place. Strangely enough, during his stay in FaZe Clan, most of his fights that represent the team are in solo format.

Questionable Records

Despite his earlier achievements, his Fortnite Tracker page used to give out the wrong information. He has zero wins, seven kills, and a 3.50 K/D Ratio. As if that’s not bad enough, there’s also a link to a Minecraft Youtube video on it. Today, with Chapter 2, his stats are no longer displayed.

More important, however, are also his recent impressive feats. A few days ago, he’s made a comeback to the competitive scene with the Pandora’s Platform Cup, where he bagged first place and the $3000 prize money that comes along with it. In the game, he managed to rake over 127 points, solidifying his victory, as he managed to have a 9-point lead over the second placer, COOLER Aqua. Among the top twelve in the game, he’s the one with the biggest point gap there is.

Setting the Record Straight

As if that wasn’t good enough, he also managed to do a 40-kill streak. While the record holder has 48 kills, this happened during the Fortnite Rocket Launch event, where lots of players happened to be distracted. Whether you believe that all is fair in love, war, and Fortnite or that those kills are dishonorable, it can’t be denied that Mongraal did a much better job, as he was fighting players that were actually focused on the game who were most likely out to kill him.

On top of that, he’s pretty consistent when it comes to his kill streaks. While forty kills continues to be his record number, the fact that he can reach up to the higher thirties in many of his games means that with just a bit more push and the right conditions, he can actually outdo his own record. Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll manage to do more than 48 kills in an actual match!

Overall, Mongraal is back and better than ever. And because he’s still so young, he’ll still do a lot of awesome things in the Fortnite e-Sports scene. Keep playing Fortnite and keep checking your Fortnite stats to check your progress. Who knows? You may be as good as this kid someday!