Retro Games that you Can Bet On

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These days, mobile phones and tablets are becoming portable consoles with which to play all kinds of games, from card titles that require a lot of concentration and hours of practice, to much lighter titles whose aim is to have a good time and be able to turn off the screen whenever we want. Perfect escapism from our gray day-to-day lives. Nevertheless, there are so called ’endless runners’, which, as the name suggests, try to keep the screen on for as long as possible. When launching them, nostalgia takes over and that makes it impossible to stop.

Among which we have infinite games such as the Super Mario or the Caveman Ninja, but there are also infinite variants located in other places and with other mechanics. Now, we could see not only the games from the 80s or 90s, but also their remakes, compilations, and sequels. Let’s see some of the best ‘infinite’ titles that are back this 2023 and are exciting to wager on.

About Retro Games

There is no shortage of options when we look back in the past and try to recap those video games that passed the test of time and remained extremely popular to these days. And even when today one of the most popular things is to bet on League of Legends or other MOBA genre choices, a few decades ago things were different. People more or less did tend to value a game according to its author above everything else. Among the most popular names were:

  • Tomohiro Nishikado
  • Shigesato Itoi
  • Bill Williams
  • Yuji Naka
  • Jeff Minter
  • Tony Crowther

And even though all of them tried to think differently, they must follow a strict standard, just like “root video games”. Up until more recently, we have been starting to notice less limitations in terms of the gameplay and interface. Chances are they are not exactly the same games, the general lines are maintained on all gaming titles: they all are a great choice for players to bet on.

Best Retro Games to Wager On

With all this in mind, some of the retro titles that are on everyone’s lips are the following.

Planetary Pew Force

With such an onomatopoeic remake title, it was published by Patsui Games, an esteemed developer that debuts with the mobile-compatible software. A new title that is not only infinite but is completely free, although we will have ads at the top of the screen. The mechanics just couldn’t be simpler, as it usually is in retro games.

Launching a game will mean that your ship appears on the screen and you will only have to rest your finger anywhere, placing the ship a little in front of your finger so as not to lose sight of it, and start dodging shots and shooting enemy ships.

Shredder’s Revenge

This is the long-awaited return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) series. The story itself was very popular both for its TV shows and for its game release, then developed by Konami. Indeed, it was this publisher who presented the best games about the adventures of these four brothers.

His success in the past was very high, and for this sequel all the expectations are met. But without a doubt, the most striking thing about this title is not only its ultra-simple gameplay, its high pace in battles or its music. We talk about its graphic aspect, with an art style design that makes the entire process of gaming and betting run smoothly.

Caveman Ninja

This one is a remake of the popular Data East game by Mr. Nutz Studio. The plot revolves around the journeys of these cave avatars to consoles and Windows gaming. And despite the few advances we have seen, you can see a redesign in the main avatars and the threats they face.

We can say that this is a bet on its own that the organization makes, since previous adaptations of this title to consoles have not been so successful. However, these cave ninjas from Nutz Studio have made us believe that the studio has managed to win the affection of new players and delight old veterans alike.

Metal Slug Tactics

Anticipation had been high in the Metal Slug fan base prior to the release of its rebooted title. But the trailers of the game have undeniably created optimism amongst devotees. The coming introduction of Metal Slug has been seen as a revitalizing breath in the franchise.

Specifically, the dynamic sound quality and visually appealing aesthetics, particularly with the recreation of the sprites from the original game, did produce remarkable achievements.

Honorable Mentions

To top everything up, the options mentioned above are not the only ones, a great success has also come from games such as:

  • Inscription. It is a card game, but it hides much more inside, since the actions are not limited only to the board table.
  • Desert Child. It is a fast-paced project where the role of a talented and young motorcycle rider is assumed with the aim of traveling to Mars.
  • Fox n Forests. It is an action and platform video game with puzzle solving elements executed under a marked 16-bit aesthetic in two dimensions.

If you are an avid gamer of this sort of title, the above options will certainly make you feel extremely fun and challenging at the same time.